More on the “Non-Need” for a Traditional Business Phone

So how about some more thought on what really is needed for this so-called "non-phone" phone?   Clearly, you need a reliable voice path. Plugging in a USB headset into your PC won’t cut it in many situations because if that CPU gets busy, you could start getting voice quality issues. So you need something with its own chipset dedicated to voice.   What else? A headset jack, POE, mute, volume control, and an emergency call button. That seems to be about it. Everything else can be driven from the PC on the desktop. Am I missing any functionality? […]

Interaction Center Business Manager and Café

As part of 3.0 SU4 we released a new application called Interaction Center Business Manager.   I thought for my first post I’d share some of the underpinnings of this application because it serves as the basis for almost all the future client development work that we have planned.

Over the last several months we’ve been developing a new framework that we call Café.   It stands for Common Application Framework Environment and is a flexible framework that we intend to use for the lion share of our future client development.

The primary design objectives for Café were three fold.

Promote […]

What’s in a Phone?

Vendors continue to push business telephones that range anywhere from $150-$650 USD. Is the status symbol of a multi-button phone still important? Is the man or woman with the biggest phone, the senior ranking employee?   Rewind to 1985– the then A&T (and all its competitors) started coming out with bigger, better, brighter (read more expensive) phones. And people bought them. Why? Simple. They delivered additional functionality that was unavailable elsewhere. This buying pattern was true in the contact center and for traditional business users.   Okay, back in the time capsule — fast forward to January 2009. All of […]

Nortel Users — How Loyal Should You Be?

Let me start by saying I’m not here to pile on with more Nortel bashing. The market has done enough of that: What happens to Nortel’s sponsorship of the 2012 olympic games in London? A Canadian tragedy The woes continue

Was it the economic downturn, mismanagement, lack of R&D investment, bad luck? Most likely all of the above. But on to my point…How loyal should Nortel customers be?

Quoting from a Jan 19, 2009 ComputerWorld article, "The International Nortel Networks Users Association, a Chicago-based group with about 4,000 members, issued a statement saying that the filings will give the […]

Choose Wisely or Spend Foolishly

It seemed most appropriate to me that I start off the first blog posting in the Best Practices section with my thoughts on purchasing new communications solutions. Regardless of the economy, companies across the globe still face the need to purchase communication, regardless of the need – contact center, enterprise communications, branch offices, remote employees, voice mail replacement, or whatever.   After almost 11 years at Interactive Intelligence, it still amazes me that many organizations still take the single-box approach. By that, I mean that when a IT Chief looks at acquiring new communications solutions, they continue to choose single […]

2009 Hot Topics

Here we go…my maiden blog post. Okay, so far it doesn’t seem so hard. Just think of something and start typing. Well, as I’ve been out reading in the blogosphere I’ve seen a lot of 2009 predictions for our industry. Most of them predict some gloom and doom about the economy and then look deep into a crystal ball and try in true fortune teller style to predict what is going to happen. I get a kick out of those posts for one reason – I never see the predictors going back and cover how accurate they were with […]