Making the Move to VoIP

I’m going to break this post into two segments. The topic, "making the move to VoIP" can sometimes sound like old news to people who are a part of the IP telephony industry. Truth told, while more IP lines are now being deployed each year than traditional TDM lines, only a minority of business lines have actually made the switch to Voice over IP. The estimates that I’ve seen put the percentage of business IP lines at somewhere between 25-35% of the total lines. Additionally, the pace at which the switch to IP telephony is happening is slowing. There is one […]

Payment Card Industry

Does anyone carry cash anymore?  Do you think we’ll see ATMs fall away like public pay phones?  Regardless of how you feel about carrying cash it will not help you pay your bill over the phone. 

If you are operating a contact center and taking credit cards over the phone, you have likely been impacted by the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).  The trick to PCI compliance isn’t in the application, but in the policy used to adhere to the guidelines.  In my role I see many questions about PCI compliance.  What’s important to note is that a […]

The Swine Flu – Pandemic or Common Cold?

The latest outbreak of an animal flu attacking humans is going around the internet like crazy – and around our office here at Interactive Intelligence.

During my departmental meeting yesterday, I announced to my team that I have a trip scheduled to speak at an event in Mexico City next month. The news was received laughter and humorous remarks like, “Good luck getting there!”, and “If you go, don’t bring that stuff back with you!” The best one came from my boss who said, "Were you planning on visiting a pig farm during […]

SIP on iPhone: Big Deal

No, I mean that as a question, is it really a big deal?But before we talk about that, let me make sure you understand the basics. The technical definition of an iPhone is:  a phone type device that is way over priced. The main features are: its way over priced.

Earlier this month Skype announced its support for iPhone. This was major news as it showed that people who bought a high-priced phone were still interested in a low priced phone service provider. Ok, so there was nothing surprising there, but it made news anyway. And now we have […]

Media Phones…I Still Don’t Get It.

Anytime I hear the phrase, "I don’t get it," it reminds me of the perplexed lady in the original movie Miracle on 34th Street asking the toy department manager why Macey’s would have Santa send shoppers to Gimbals. But that doesn’t have anything to do with IP communications, now does it? However, it does have something to with confusing a potential consumer with odd behavior by a vendor.

Okay, to my point. Vendors are coming out with high-end media phones. These are wired phones that sit on a business desk. They can connect to the Internet. You can program them. […]

ACD Routing Best Practices – LIFO vs FIFO

A few years ago, one of our customers spoke at our User Conference about a change they made to how they were routing calls within their contact center – and after they made that change, their customer satisfaction ratings greatly increased! What did they do that had such a huge impact?

The speaker said that instead of routing them through the normal First-In-First-Out (FIFO) methodology, they switched it up and started routing the calls through a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) methodology.

I remember sitting in the audience thinking, "Hold on. Did I just hear that correctly? Are you […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green, Or Is It – Part Two

In my last blog article I covered some of the ways an all-in-one, software-based communications platform can assist organizations in reducing their carbon footprint. What I didn’t mention was that a little over a year ago I had the good fortune to meet a scientist attending a conference in Vienna focused on environmental impact. He had some sobering statistics to share, but what stuck with me the most was that he said to help turn things around, we did not need to necessarily radically change our behavior. We could all contribute to positive results by reducing […]

An Open IP PBX Platform Using IceLib

Building on my last post on Session Manager, this post will cover the next logical layer in our N-tier architecture as we move out toward the clients.  That layer is IceLib.    IceLib stands for Interaction Center Extension Library and is both an internal and 3rd party API used to communicate with Session Manager.  IceLib is a .Net API and exposes a wide range of features of the Interaction Center Platform.  It typically runs in process with the client application, service, or web server that hosts the application or integration being deployed.   Below is a basic diagram of where IceLib sits […]

CaaS, Saas, and Hosted Contact Centers…Oh My!

It goes by several names. CaaS (communications as a service), SaaS (software as a service) hosted, on-demand. There are some differences between the names, but for the purpose of this post what we’re talking about is rather than a contact center purchasing hardware and software that all resides on their premise, instead they contract with a provider who hosts the solution in a secure data center and provides the technology to the customer as a service-based offering.

Now that we’ve got the definition context down, is it an option you should consider? Analyst firm Gartner predicts that CaaS agent positions will […]

Obama, Health Statistics, Student Loans and Wireless-only Households

You may be wondering "what do Obama, Health Statistics, Student Loans and Wireless-only Households have to do with each other?"  Well, besides the fact that it got you to read this blog post (at least this far), the first 3 items in this list are or have been impacted by the 4th. 

Every 6 months, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) publishes data on the number of wireless-only households.  This is important to the NCHS to understand possible bias in their survey results based on their random-digit-dialing to landlines.  As can be seen in the chart below, the % […]