Give Customers What They Want: Web Chat Best Practices – Part I

Last week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting at our ININ Annual User Conference with Jim Borum, SVP Client Services with RDI Marketing, on a presentation titled, "Win BIG with Chat!" It was a very well attended session, which surprised me since we have not seen a great deal of interest in text chat over the last few years. Even the analysts have been telling us that text chat just isn’t being adopted by contact centers. But the numbers in the audience proved otherwise and they came loaded with excellent questions. And I had a few of my own.

I had […]

Cutting Costs in the IP Contact Center Part 2

In a separate ININ blog entry there’s a discussion going on about expectations regarding cost reductions using VoIP. To recap the discussion, executives might expect reductions in their telephony costs that may not materialize in the move to VoIP. Even as carrier costs drop, networking costs might rise to accommodate increased bandwidth requirements. It’s clear that planning is a critical part of any TDM-to-VoIP migration, both to set proper expectations, and to ensure a successful migration from both the technical and business perspectives.

Rather than get into the mud wrestling over traditional TDM vs. VoIP costs, I’d like to concentrate […]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 3

Wrapping up my commentary on the Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Interactions ’09. As usual, we saved the best for last. As one customer told me just before we began the closing keynote, "this is where I take pages of notes." The info worth all the attention? Dr. Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence CEO, presenting a forward-looking session on where we’re headed.

There are few confidential items that I’ve omitted, but the bulk of it is here.

Don’s presentation and what customers can look forward to:

Making the customer experience easier by continuing to minimize the need for customization. […]

Feedback – Transaction Monitoring and PCI

There is nothing that can quite substitute time spent with a end-user or end-customer listening to their direct feedback.  Interactive’s Interactions’09 User Forum came to a close Thursday noon.  There was a very positive and upbeat spirit at the conference.  One of the things that we emphasized this year over previous years was customer to customer relationships and stories.  I didn’t think it was possible, but we even had a couple of large sessions without PowerPoint.  We instead let our customers drive those sessions with both questions and answers.  I heard from a number of customers that they found significant […]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2 1/2

Okay the title says "Day 2 1/2," but this is really about the night of day two. At the awards dinner, held at Lucas Oil stadium, several awards were presented to Interactive Intelligence customers for the cool things they’ve accomplished with communications in the enterprise and the contact center. The grand daddy of the awards is the Innovators award. This year’s winner, presented by Interactive Intelligence CEO Dr. Don Brown, is a Canadian company by the name of Stellar Relay. And a "stellar" performance is exactly what they’ve accomplished.

Don Brown (left) awards the team from Stellar Relaywith this year’s Innovators […]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2

Just now wrapping up day two at Interactions ’09. Today was exclusively comprised of break out sessions — lots of info.

I thought one of the most interesting sessions was one titled "Migrating from a multi-point legacy environment." The thing I find most interesting about this session (presented by Tim Passios, a very talented presenter) is that over the last 2-3 years, I think people are starting to get it. They get the value and benefits of running ALL their communications on a single platform. What they don’t get is how to get from their current multi-point world to […]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 1

We’ve worked very hard at keeping this blog a non-promotional forum for useful information and dialog. I’m really going to try and stay within those guidelines, but recognize that this post is about the Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum. So…it’s kind of difficult not to talk about the company and its products. That said, I really think the information is useful for current and prospective Interactive customers — hence, the reason for the post.

Today was day one of the 2 1/2 day event. Held in beautiful Indianapolis (home of the Colts and the 14th largest city in the U.S.). […]

IP Contact Center Features

The best things in life are free, and yet, all free things in life are not the best.

So where does your IP-based contact center solution fall?

SIP is marching into contact centers and customer service centers across the globe, and its moving from the “Oh, I’d like to try SIP” to “Oh, I have to have SIP” realm. As companies realize its benefits (open standards, feature-rich, lower infrastructure costs overall, distributed workforce etc), SIP becomes mainstream. There are several SIP based call center solutions available today, but not all have all the features you may need. The cost […]

Cutting Costs in the IP Contact Center

With the current economic climate, it is no surprise that cutting costs heads the list of top priorities for contact center management. Given the heightened interest in this area, I thought I’d spend several blog entries covering technologies and business strategies which can assist contact centers in reducing their operating expenses, while still focusing on delivering good customer service. I’ll start with two today, and follow up with more later this week.

1.       Know what your customers really care about

Rule Number One in looking at where you can cut costs is to also understand what can impact customer satisfaction. […]

Technologies Change – Underlying Needs Remain

Earlier this week, Amazon launched their larger version of the Kindle – an eBook reader – as a new way for people to read textbooks, newspapers, and documents.  Looking at this device, it hit me how bleeding edge this technology for reading books was a few years ago… and how standard it will become someday in the future.  Yet the underlying need remains the same – a human being reading a book, newspaper, document, etc.

Sometimes, it is easy to confuse the technology with the personal or business need being solved.  Technology can often make improvements to speed, mobility, availability, and cost, […]