MYTHBUSTERS: VoIP on campus is bust

Many concerns are raised over the deployment of a VoIP solution at universities and colleges. These range from lack of reliability to high cost; from usability issues to quality of audio. I agree that VoIP might not be the best fit for every campus, but for the most part, it is an excellent solution.

A big part of how successful the VoIP deployment is depends on the design and pre-deployment approach. While a good design and proper pre-deployment assessment are crucial to any good VoIP rollout, they become even more important for campuses. Universities/Colleges have very specific requirements. They [...]

Text Messaging Is Serious Business

I emailed a renter recently, but received no reply.  4 days later, I sent a text message with an abbreviated version of the same message and had a response within 15 minutes.If you read recent news about Iran’s elections, you’ll most likely come across something about the viral effect of  text messaging (or SMS).  News reports were flying around about a “mysterious” outage of Iran’s SMS networks just prior to the recent elections there.  Try googling ”SMS Iran”.

And businesses are realizing that SMS is not just for teenagers anymore.  SMS has been around for 15 years, and SMS usage is expected to continue to grow for at least the [...]

Give Customers What They Want: Web Chat Best Practices – Part II

In my last blog, I let you know that I was going to share with you the “Top 10 Steps to a Successful Text Chat Implementation” as delivered during our ININ Annual User Conference by Jim Borum, SVP Client Services with RDI Marketing.

Before I get to those steps, I thought it best to site a key point that Jim made during his presentation – there exists several very good reasons why chats haven’t been deployed in the contact center (see previous post). But more importantly, there are many great reasons as to [...]

Improving Agent Morale to Reduce Turnover in the Contact Center

Studies show that agent turnover contributes heavily to contact center labor costs, and that reducing agent turnover will improve your contact center’s bottom line. It’s also true that oftentimes we are guilty of killing off the drive and creativity of the new contact center employee. To reduce agent turnover, we must look at ways to preserve that drive and reward it.

Because contact centers are so metric driven, it can be easy to fall into the trap of treating agents as nothing more than a walking set of statistics. That isn’t Jennifer – it’s “Average Talk Time of 20% [...]

Business Process Automation from a Communications Company?

These days when I speak to analysts, editors, prospects, and customers about the value of automating core processes inside businesses, I frequently get asked the question, “Why would I look to a communications company to deliver a business process automation solution?” A valid question, with what I believe are compelling answers.

First, the most common processes in business are people-oriented – new employee onboarding, loan applications, lead management – at the core they all involve people engaged in reviews and decisions. As a connection, communications is all about people interacting. A nice link between the two.

Second, communication technology was initially designed [...]

Spell Check – I need it!

Remember Microsoft Outlook ’97?  If you wanted spell check, you would enable the check before send feature.  Invariably the tool would find words it did not  recognise – names, places, abbreviations.  I’ve got to say I like the new red squiggly line that tells you as you finish typing that a word is misspelled.  And how about that auto-complete…  Do you find yourself starting to rely on it?  I find that I’ll rely on the auto-complete to help save a few key strokes.  My favorite is ignoring the SHIFT to capitalize words and let auto-complete do that for me.  The problem [...]

Dropping the FoIP bomb on VoIP

It is often treated as the four letter F word in VoIP deployments. It is, some say, the weakest link in the switch from a traditional TDM system to a VoIP/SIP deployment. Did you guess it yet or should I write it down and “fax” it over to you?


FoIP, stands for Fax over IP, is still a pain point for almost all VoIP deployments. As businesses move to IP based communication platforms, they are venturing into a new era with enhanced features for a lower cost and heightened productivity. But as they reach out to [...]

Reducing Agent Turnover to Reduce Contact Center Costs

In some contact centers, agent turnover year-to-year stands at more than 100%. With turnover figures like that, it can’t be a surprise to say that if you could reduce your turnover, you can reduce your costs. It takes a lot of resource and energy to train up new agents, and newer agents typically have much lower first contact resolution rates. As a result, a newer agent ends up costing a contact center a lot of money.

In this blog entry, I’ll explore just a few ways to break the cycle of constant turnover. How can you help keep agents around?