Customer Relationships Are More Than Skin-Deep: Quantifying the Value

There are a lot of businesses that rely on repeat business from existing customers (at Interactive Intelligence, some 60+% of our product sales comes from existing customers). This repeat business might be an existing customer buying more of the same, or a customers purchasing additional product or services that are a part of your broader portfolio.

Along these lines, it’s long been know that it is more expensive to obtain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Yet, too few companies really take the time to analyze the relationships they have with their customers. All customers […]

Am I compliant? PCI-DSS and PA-DSS

Questions and concerns over PCI compliance continue to increase.  Have you noticed the same?

PCI-DSS:If your organization processes, stores, or transmits credit card information your organization is subject to PCI Compliance.  

PA-DSS:If you are a software application vendor and your application processes, stores, or transmits credit card information then the software is considered a Payment Application and is subject to PA-DSS compliance.

I’ve talked about PCI-DSS in past posts.  This time I want to take a closer look at PA-DSS.

The term "Payment Application" is very broad.  Apparently, any application that touches credit card information could be considered a payment […]

Have you ever tweeted, “10-4, Good Buddy”?

I have to admit something.

I’m really starting to get the whole texting, tweeting, social networking stuff. It has been growing on me for some time now, but I think it finally makes sense.

Do you know why?

Today I was driving into work and while I was at a stop sign, I could’ve sworn I saw some guy talking on a CB radio. And it got me thinking – how is talking on a CB radio any different than tweeting or texting?

I remember growing up watching my dad with his CB radio – I was about 12 when he […]

What makes Process Automation Complex?

This week we hit a very significant milestone in the development of our new Interaction Process Automation product where the product officially went from team builds into our standard systest builds. We are very close to releasing a beta and we are finally starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel which is GA.    The project hasn’t been without challenges so I thought I’d share what has made developing a Business Process Automation product so fun and challenging.  This is a developers viewpoint at what makes these products complex and it might arm you with some good […]

Keep the Flow Going in the Contact Center

Google maps on my Blackberry is a pretty helpful tool.  The Blackberry’s GPS knows where I am, so I ask Google maps to search for the nearest O’Charleys restaurant.  From the results, I click on the click-to-dial phone number and am talking to O’Charleys.  Yes, I could have used a Garmin if I had one, but then I have to type the phone number on the Garmin into my phone.  I could also have called 411 or Google’s cool version of 411.  What I liked about my Blackberry method is that it was easy, intuitive, and took me from map to directory […]

What Nortel’s Demise Means for Microsoft

We’ve all read A LOT about the disintegration, implosion, demise, or whatever else you want to call it, of the once great and mighty Nortel. Most of the articles and posts deal with either a) how this could happen, or b) who was going to now buy up all the piece parts. One question that I haven’t seen addressed, is what Nortel’s demise means for Microsoft.

Rewind to July 2006, just three years ago. Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, and Nortel CEO, Mike Zafirovski, stand together grinning from ear to ear about the partnership they had just forged. And Zafirovski […]

Best Trade Show Tchotchke – Vote Now!

During the summer, we like to keep things lively here at corporate. We have cookouts, corporate Olympics, and the occasional pool party or two. It seemed a shame to me not to include you in on the fun, so I thought I’d involve you.

Here’s what I need you to do. My boss, Joe Staples, and I have a little bet going and we need your help to settle it. It involves the giving away of free stuff at trade shows – things called tchotchkes (pronounced chachki) – and It only requires that you read this blog and reply – but with good responses.


Monaural or Binaural?

When buying a headset there are many options and factors to consider.  Typically, the decision is not driven by any one factor.  All factors and options are weighed together to come up with the best choice to meet your needs.

Below I’ve listed what I see as the 4 key factors in the decision making process.  There are, of course, many options that can be considered.  I’ve listed only a few questions to consider when making a decision.



Price Range

This one is straight forward.  My budget does not allow […]