Expanding Do Not Call Registers and Outbound Dialing

The phone is still considered the most effective method for contacting people, even though direct mail and email are much less expensive.  Some studies have shown phone calling produces a bottom line of 2 to 3 times that of other methods.  Of course, if you disagree with this initial premise, feel free to comment

Phone calling’s effectiveness in marketing has produced misuse and often gross misconduct – the quintessential call at dinner time with the overly cheery guy trying to sell you new windows, or the 4 calls from the same company in the same afternoon, or the automated call touting a great new […]

Marketing to Tech Buyers — It Isn’t the Same as Choosing Coke over Pepsi

I’ve spent all of my 26-year career in the tech space and the last fifteen of those years in an executive marketing role. One thing that I’ve learned crystal clear during that time is that marketing to tech buyers has no resemblance to any other marketing sector on the planet.

I learned this the hard way a few years back. I wrote some brochure copy that I thought was pretty good stuff. My marketing counterparts agreed. When I put it in front of a CIO, he shredded it. Hated it. Called it junk. It was at that moment that I realized that […]

Death of the Data Center?

While making dinner the other night I happened to have Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on for some background noise.  This happened to be the day that Intel announced their blowout earnings and the addition of several new chip designs that allow them to put even more cores into a CPU.  A core is essentially a chip inside a chip for those non-techies.  Essentially a multi-core design allows you to put far more horsepower into a single piece of hardware.  After realizing what Intel was proposing, Mr. Cramer then went on to state that all investors should be selling or […]

Empowering Agents with Performance-Based Scheduling

Agents always want better schedules and leaders always want better coverage.  It’s one of the natural conflicts in the contact center.  Since these two objectives don’t always match-up for each individual agent, they can sometimes try some pretty creative things to get the schedule they really want or need.  I’ve seen some crazy things over the last 15 years in the contact center including agents selling their schedule for a trade on eBay but there are better ways to give agents control of their own destiny when it comes to scheduling. 

“Don’t Try This At Home” Disclaimer:  If you are […]

What I learned in BPA training

I recently spent 3 days attending internal training on business process automation. High level, covering the consulting aspects, competitive products and deployment details on our upcoming IPA(Interaction Process Automation) product. We discussed the basics of how to determine which processes are ripe for automation and learned new terms like ‘AS-IS Map’, ‘Swim Lane’ and ‘The Happy Path’. The last term being one I’d seen before on certain internet sites, though never in the context of process automation…

Quite a bit of the content touched on the amount of upfront consulting and discovery that needs to take place to deploy […]

Postcards from Hosted Disaster Recovery

While planning a recent vacation to Europe, the Systems Engineer in me was working in full swing.  There were so many exciting things to consider:  What to see? Where to eat?  More importantly, how would my wife and I recover in case of a travel disaster?  Managing disaster has become a part of our American psyche these days it would seem.  After all, isn’t this essentially what I do when architecting customer solutions? 

How could I apply various Disaster Recovery (DR) models to travel life?

DR Model # 1: Remote Survivability

For Europe, […]

Is SIP finally SIP?

For those that have been technically following SIP know that SIP is not always SIP.  In other words, some developers interpret the RFCs slightly different, which can cause major interoprability problems.   The time that it would take to test and validate SIP interoprability put a major strain on time to market.  Just because a phone or application used SIP standards did not mean that it was compatible with another SIP application from another vendor. 

Interactive Intelligences has been performing SIP interoprability testing for many years now.  We have tested IP Phones and gateways from many different vendors over the years.  We have seen […]

2009 Annual Global Partner Conference – Wrap Up

The 2009 Interactive Intelligence Global Partner Conference came to a close on Wednesday after 2 1/2 jammed packed days. By far, this was the best conference we’ve ever put on. Of course, that sounds biased coming from a person on the inside, but when I sit back and look at the facts, I’m convinced it is true:

Jim Burton’s (Founder and CEO, CT Link, LLC) keynote on the first morning was received with huge praise from the partner and consultant community in attendance. We had more analysts and consultants at this conference than at any other (almost 60). Speaking of analysts, […]

2009 Annual Global Partner Conference – Day 1

Back in 1999, I was responsible for helping put on the very first Interactive Intelligence Global Partner Conference. Back then, I took care of all of the technical aspects of the conference – presentations, networks, projectors, sound system, demonstration systems etc. If there was something that involved a presentation, I was involved. Man, that was a ton of work!

Flash forward 10 years to this, our 10th Partner Conference held here at the Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.  While my role has changed dramatically from a "behind the scenes" type to playing a more active role in delivering presentations and facilitating conversations, […]