Doing more with more for less. The great staffing challenge.

As we enter a new year and many contact centers begin their new budgets, one challenge often hits them square in the face:  I have less money in the budget for staffing than I had last year but I still have the same or even more volume.  How can I do even more with less?    

One option is to do more with more for less.   Over the course of the year, it can be more expensive to hire less people if you have to use overtime to cover for meetings or peak periods.  This is especially true if your peak periods last for […]

A Great Day for IPA

You ever have one of those days when you truly realize the power of a good team?  When you pack up the PC to go home and truly feel good about what a team of folks was able to accomplish out of their sheer willingness to accept a challenge and run with it?  I was lucky enough to have just this experience yesterday.  You see, yesterday afternoon the SE team finally got to present to myself, development and PSO the results of their work on our new IPA product based on customer experiences and real world scenarios.  To […]

‘Tis The Open Season

The end of December is always a time for nostalgia.  A New Year is just around the corner.  Newsweek and Time magazines have published their year-end issues, and the National Enquirer commences the craziest moments of the year countdowns.  Likewise, people such as myself, begin to ponder how the year has gone for them and how all the little things that happened have added up to equal the big year-end picture. 


Applying this to the telecommunications industry, I look back and remember some of the more noteworthy […]

All I want for Christmas is less Presence

Typically, blog posts by nerds like myself focus on what’s coming and better uses for what we have. I have one technology that might need to be reined in just a bit. Presence.

I’ve used presence in one form or another for decades, all the way back to DND, Make Busy, and Ready buttons on a call center phone with more features than it needed.

Recently I was tagged to present a couple of webinars. The first was called ‘Presence and Accounted For’. It focused on the value of presence in a contact center and extending that to the […]

Benefits to Power-Over-Ethernet

There 3 main types of endpoints driving the adoption of PoE:

VoIP Phones Wireless Access Points IP Security and Surveillance Cameras

The Benefits of PoE for these types of endpoints include:

Reduced Deployment Costs Reliability Power Management and Monitoring Control

Remember when the power would go out at home but your analog phone would still work?  Power was drawn from the phone line to provide dial tone to your phone.  Then you moved to a cordless phone with an AC Adapter to charge the phone and you lost […]

Measuring Success with Social Media

I just finished reading an article in Business Week entitled “Beware Social Media Snake Oil”, and a sentence caught my eye. “Success is defined more often by numbers of Twitter followers, blog mentions, or YouTube hits than by traditional measures, such as return on investment.”

It reminded me of a perennial situation in the contact center—we have incredibly powerful tools for routing interactions and measuring what people do in the contact center. We sometimes fall into the trap of managing to measurements such as average handle time or interactions taken, when the real ROI to the company may be somewhere […]

Know Thy Technology – The Value of Learning the Details

I had a great experience visiting 3 of our customers in the Toronto area earlier this week (well, other than getting stuck in Chicago on the way home by a snowstorm).  These meetings invariably give me energy and get me excited about what we can do for our current and future customers.  The domain-specific knowledge and insights these customers have in outbound dialing, outsourcing, collections, fund-raising, workforce management, and more is impressive – I can see why the successful ones are successful and why other companies give them business.

But I’m also reminded that we all can do better in learning […]

Leveraging Customer Data in the Contact Center

Samples personal data pulled off the web.  How are you using this in conjunction with your own internal data?  Example is Etrade prompting me for my brothers name.