Small is Beautiful in the World of Business Process Improvement

Apple’s success over the years with the iPod and iPhone, and recent introduction of the iPad has inspired many organizations to chase big innovations as the only path to growth and prosperity. While we agree that a successful, splashy innovation can dramatically spur a company’s growth, and possibly change how we behave in society, small innovations can be valuable, too. I just finished reading a blog article from the Harvard Business Review site, How to Encourage Small Innovations, which makes the case that many firms are so taken with the idea of developing breakthrough innovative products and services, that [...]

Coming soon to a contact center, the iPad. Wait…What?

Ok, maybe a bit premature, but I have a buddy that manages a contact center with a contingent of remote agents and a few mobile enterprise users. He loves using the latest bleeding edge technology and playing with any toy he can get his hands on. Whether or not it has a relevant place in his contact center usually takes a back seat to the coolness factor.

Anyway, we are both iPhone addicts and use the Interaction Web Client on our phones.

You can take/make calls from queues, set your presence, manage voicemails, create/host conference calls, search [...]

Death to Death by PowerPoint

We have all been there, sitting in that conference room, trying to tune out the monotonous voice of the “presenter with unlimited slides.”  The lucky ones came up with an excuse at the last minute like, “Sorry, my kids just texted me and apparently my basement is flooding,”  or  “I did not realize I have a scheduling conflict, I will join you after the presentation, could you please email me the slides?”  The fortunate ones have blackberries, iPhones or a PDA to surf the web during the presentation, maybe even catch up with friends on IM [...]

A new Avatar for VoIP : watch this in 3D

If I was writing this blog a decade ago (even 5 years ago), I would begin by explaining what VoIP is. I’d talk about SIP and Unified Communications and IP Telephony. Not anymore. You have been there and done that. You have read about it and most probably used it.

What you have probably not used yet is VVoIP: Video and Voice over IP.  Yes, after voice and faxing, I see this as the third dimension to VoIP. This is a newer aspect of VoIP, but the wave is getting stronger now and is sure to hit us [...]

Concerns for Nortel/Avaya contact center customers

I just finished watching most of the video replay of the Avaya announcement this week regarding their roadmap for both the enterprise and contact center markets. Let me ask you a question – are you as perplexed as I am?

As I watched it, I made several notes and questions that, if I were an existing Avaya or Nortel customer, I would want to have explained to me. So I thought I would share a few of them with you. Please, take your time to read through these and respond back to me with your viewpoints, comments, and corrections.

In today’s communication [...]

Resource Planning: You can do it! (even if you’re “different”)

Resource planning is the process of pre-planning offline activities for contact center agents and can include coaching sessions, training, special projects and any other offline activities.  Pre-planning a large percentage of these events is a critical component in balancing the need to have your agents online for customers with the need to pull them offline for other activities.  

I’ve worked with many different contact centers across various industries and one of the most common problems I found in each of them was the lack of a resource planning process.  All of the centers I worked with had a workforce management (WFM) solution [...]

2010 Hot Topics — Communications

A new year. What’s hot, top of mind, high on the ever-evolving priority list? When it comes to business communication topics, here’s my non-scientifically created, feel-it-in-my-gut, ear-to-the-ground, asked-several-other-smart-people-in-order-to-create-it list.

The Cloud & CaaS — Communications-as-a-Services turns red hot in 2010 thanks to maturing offerings, a lot of well-publicized case studies, the realization that this isn’t just for SMBs, and the continued need by organizations to reduce cap ex costs and IT resource requirements. Business Process Automation — This was my sleeper prediction and number eleven on my list last year. This one starts to see real projects with real results in [...]

2009 Hot Topics Revisited — Right or Wrong?

I wrote the first post for the Interactive Intelligence Blog Crew on January 19, 2009. Now 116 posts later, I think we’ve lived up to our mission of sharing interesting, timely, provocative content without self-promoting (okay, that sentence was self-promoting, but you know what I mean).  

That first post was titled, “2009 Hot Topics.” I still find it funny how most everyone who issues predictions for the year, never circles back around and tells you how they did with those predictions. Were they right or wrong? Well, I’ll break with tradition and do a little self-grading on how well I think [...]