UC Summit — A Vendor’s Perspective

I attended the UC Summit held earlier this week in San Diego and offer up in this post my perspective on the event.

My overall impression of the event is certainly a thumbs-up. Jim Burton and the UC Strategies team did a nice job assembling industry experts and a good-size group of resellers and consultants. The event had a vendor area of 12-15 UC vendors, of which Interactive Intelligence was one. The panel discussion hit on relevant topics such as building the business case for UC; the evolution of the channel; the facts and current state of the UC industry; identifying [...]

“Hold Please” — Two of the worst words for a customer

Okay, I’ll look to deliver the best of the two primary blog objectives with this post — to educate and to entertain!

Let’s start with the education. "Hold please" are a couple of annoying words for any caller to hear when calling into a contact center. The way most contact centers attack the "hold" problem is by trying to reduce call times, freeing up agents to handle more calls. IMO, this is a pretty archaic and narrow approach. Instead, use technology to minimize the amount of times your customers have to wait on hold. These technology best practices include:

Design [...]

Pet Peeve: Excessive Customer Service blah blah blah

I pull up to Starbucks drivethrough to get a simple drink and hear "Good morning.  It is a BEAUTIFUL day at Starbucks!  My name is Suzie.  Would you like to try our new Triple Mocha Cinnamon Surprise Frappuchinno and a Warm California Blueberry Muffin today?!"  What happened to a simple "Good morning!  How can I help you?"

I call about a cell phone question and, after receiving good and friendly support, the agent (clearly reading required text) verifies in long form that they have answered all my questions, reads back their 800 number if I have additional needs, and adds additional verbiage [...]

Who “owns” your BCP? Hopefully not “The Volcano”

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending our annual EMEA Partner Conference in Budapest Hungary.  Ironically, one of the topics I spoke about was business continuity and crisis management in the contact center including an example from my past life in the travel industry.  Now, like so many other travelers, I am anxiously monitoring the news for updates on when the airspace over Europe will fully reopen after the impact of “the volcano” in Iceland (it’s almost surreal to even type that by the way) in hopes that my trip home won’t be too painful.    

The [...]

IP Telephony: A subtle contributor to the Green Revolution

During a recent conversation with one of our customers, I was asked to provide some information about how Interactive Intelligence products contribute, if at all, to the advancement of a greener future.  I immediately remembered a presentation created by Adam Elkins, System’s Engineer at Interactive Intelligence, on this very topic.  Adam has done considerable research in this area and has hands on experience in maintaining Board-based and IP Telephony Systems.  His presentation demonstrates the obvious advantages of the “all-in-one” solution v/s disparate systems and also includes a detailed calculation showing how IP systems consume 1/10th of the [...]

Video in the Contact Center – I don’t think so!

Last week during the VoiceCon Orlando conference (now renamed Enterprise Connect), I was sat on a panel titled "Contact Center Forum and Update" in which several vendors were asked to share their views on various topics and questions asked by the audience and our moderator Sheila McGee-Smith of McGee-Smith Analytics.

One of the questions that came our way was regarding the adoption of video in the contact center and how soon this might happen. When the panel was asked, I quickly spoke up, “Video is not going to happen in the mainstream contact center anytime soon. [...]