Occupancy: Great Metric, Bad Agent Goal

Occupancy is one of those tried and true measures of how efficient a contact center is.  It essentially measures how “occupied” agents are with customer work and includes the time they spend on customer interactions and any after-contact work (ACW.)  Occupancy is the opposite of available time so the longer an agent sits in available, the less occupied they are and the lower their overall occupancy will be.    

Many contact centers use occupancy to measure the effectiveness of their workforce management teams as it gives a good picture of how efficient your schedules are (depending on forecast accuracy) and how well you are managing over/understaffing in […]

Those Who Forget History…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  While this well-known quote by George Santayana stems in one of his writings from 1905, these wise words have been true since the beginning of human history.  The practical application of this quote is most usually made by history professors in the context of human oppression and consequent revolution, such as British occupation of the Colonies leading to the American Revolution, or colonization and oppression of India by the same European aggressors and subsequent battle for independence by Indian freedom fighters.  However, I would like […]

Motivating Contact Center Agents – Do Your Rewards Match Your Goals?

“On the Folly of Rewarding A While Hoping for B” was written by Steven Kerr in 1995 and published by The Academy of Management Executive. It is posted on the Internet under the rubric of business classic, although the topic is equally relevant in our personal lives. (Parents, listen up!) The author describes the practice of building a reward system that reinforces one behavior, while managers (or parents) are secretly hoping for something else. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that human behavior being what it is, we tend to gravitate to what’s actually being rewarded. The article is a cautionary tale on the […]

Selecting a Hosted Contact Center Solution

Donna Fluss is the president of DMG Consulting and has authored this post as a guest blogger for the Interactive Intelligence Blog Crew.

I am frequently asked about how to select a hosted contact center solution. I find the question interesting, as the process should be no different than selecting a premise-based application. Hosted offerings (also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-based solutions), are contact center systems that are delivered and financed differently from premise-based offerings. Here are the recommended steps for making any contact center selection:

Research the contact center market to get to know the current vendors […]

Top 5 Reasons Web Apps are better than Desktop Apps

Top 5 Reasons Web Apps are better than Desktop Apps

Last time I shared my thoughts on why Desktop Apps are better than Web Apps.  This time I’m talking about the advantages of Web Apps.

Top 5 Reasons Web Apps are better than Desktop Apps

Web Apps…

1.       Can be accessed without installing anything

If you move around from PC to PC, this advantage could really be a necessity.  Think about web Outlook.  Maybe you use the desktop version of Outlook when at your primary PC at work but when do you switch to web Outlook?  You switch to […]

Video….who cares what the customer wants.

About two weeks ago Abi Chandra one of our best engineers and also the star of the movie French Fries and Curry (available on Netflix now!) decided to do some video’s of our white boarding sessions.  These sessions were designed to assist partners and customers with understanding why architectures really do matter and why it is so important to get down into the actual systems being proposed to run a customers communications solutions rather than just accepting the marketing hype we see so often.  Typically these sessions are done in a face to face meeting with the opportunity for the customer […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same

To be honest, I never really understood that phrase. I mean, really, how can something stay the same when it continues to change?

I remember being in grade school and my 6th grade teacher told me that I had to write a paper on that very topic, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." I almost flipped out! A whole paper, front and back, on a topic that I had no clue what it meant? (Some may say that I’ve made a living out of doing that very thing.) And while I struggled through it, I still […]