What is Driving Communications Toward the Cloud?

"More and more communications are moving to the cloud!" Is that a headline you’d believe, or would you place it in the over-used hype bucket?

Without fancy statistics to cite, I think it’s fair to say that if you asked any analyst, consultant, or vendor that lives inside the communications sector, you’d get agreement that some portion of communication purchases are moving to a hosted/service/cloud model — and that this trend will continue for the next several years. In talking to customers, here are what we’ve found to be the seven primary drivers contributing to the shift toward cloud-based communications: 

Strategically, other IT applications […]

Performance Management. It’s all about balance.

I recently blogged about the use of Occupancy as a metric in the contact center and more specifically about how it can be a “bad” metric when used as an agent goal so I thought it was only fair that I expand on what some of the “good” metrics are for agent performance management. 

Ideally, agent performance should be measured with a balanced approach so that no one metric/component of performance overshadows another.  Without a balanced approach, you will negatively impact other important parts of the business without even realizing it.  One common example is Average Handling Time (AHT.)  […]

Technobabble vs. The Box of Rocks Approach

Last week we were working with a prospective customer trying to help them understand what a SIP media server does, how it works and why it is such a differentiator for us competitively.  Being a team of engineers this is how the conversation ended up going internally…

Technobabble Mode:The media server is a SIP RFC compliant media processing endpoint designed to provide dynamic DSP processing with configurable load balancing capabilities.  The MS is designed to provide low level audio processing without the burden of application layer configuration objects which are maintained in the IC application layers on the CIC server itself.  A bank of these NXM […]

“____ as a Service”, the greatest thing since….

One of the things I would look forward to as a youngling, growing up in middle class India in the 1970’s was the once a month treat my mom would make for me and my sisters:  an English breakfast plate comprised of eggs, baked beans, jam (jelly in the US) all sitting next to the delicious Britannia Bread which used to be delivered fresh, daily from the Britannia bakery to my local grocery shop.

While Indian cuisine had its own version of bread known as chapati, (usually whole wheat […]

Struggling to reach the cloud

The following blog post was written by one of our guest bloggers – Murph Krajewski. Murph has been with Interactive Intelligence for almost 10 years and is a current member of our Technical Sales team.

I’m just wrapping up the week at the ACCE event down in beautiful (and hot) New Orleans.  My role at these events is to represent our company on the exhibit hall floor, so I have a somewhat limited perspective of the goings-on in terms of speakers, classes and sessions.  What I DO get to have, though, are very candid conversations with people who are […]

Social Media and the Contact Center

There have been countless discussions in the past year over whether the contact center should get involved with social media, and if so, how it should be involved, and when should it jump in?

The time is now if you are a B2C company. Some firms such as ComCast and JetBlue are taking support questions via Twitter. Consumers—your potential customers—are sending out tweets asking for suggestions on all sorts of topics, including how to use your products. They want to engage with you. If you’re not part of the “conversation-sphere”, your competitor most likely is.

Some hesitate to have the […]

Interactions ’10 User Forum & The Magic Checkbox

Last week, we hosted over 300 users from around the world in Indianapolis for Interactive Intelligence’s Interactions ’10 User Forum.  As part of our product management team, I had multiple presentations on different subjects in our various tracks.  I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking with new customers and getting an update from existing customers on their progress over the past year.  For me, these User Forums have become enjoyable, busy homecoming style events.

I enjoy being able to help customers use our products more effectively – saving them time or solving a need simply by pointing them in […]

Is Social Media a Viable Venue for Business-to-Business Marketing?

Okay, I will admit upfront, that this post is made up of "repurposed material." (a nice way of saying that I didn’t come up with it, I’m just a lowly forwarding conduit). My new-found fried Roger Biery gives some great insight and statistics regarding the use of social media in a B2B setting. He’s given me permission to post it below with him duly attributed as the author.

The subject of social media is one that is often debated inside the walls of our business. Our internal opinions vary widely. I personally remain convinced that there are good uses for social media in B2B communications and marketing, but […]