Survey Says – Growing interest in social media in the enterprise

Last week we presented a webinar in partnership with Enterprise Connect. The topic covered a broad plan for migrating to an IP communications system. During the session we had touched on some of the hot topics in communications today, such as incorporating process automation, communications as a service (CaaS), and the use of social media in the enterprise and contact center. We loosely defined social media as the interaction with sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The one hour session only had part of one slide mentioning social media, and one poll question for the audience, to gauge […]

South Africa – SEACOM cable could change the nation

A simple cable. That’s all it is – a cable. 

Granted, a very LONG and EXPENSIVE cable made of glass wires and special coverings, but it is still just a cable.

But in this one cable is the potential to dramatically change a nation.

Flashback to 2009 in South Africa. A country still adjusting to a new government of 14 years and lots of international interest ready to descend upon it with the FIFA World Cup just months away, South Africa had been mostly in information darkness.

But then in July of 2009, the SEACOM fiber optic submarine cables brought the […]

Reducing Costs in a Tight Economy with Grassroots Process Improvement

With the economic recovery at risk, organizations continue to look for ways to reduce their costs. However, just cutting cost doesn’t help you compete more effectively, unless you’re also looking for ways to deliver more value to your customers. One way to do so is through process improvement.

When some hear the words “process improvement”, they think of massive multi-departmental projects requiring a lot of time, and unfortunately, money. However, for many organizations, the path to continued success many not be through “command and control” top down initiatives so much as grassroots programs to simplify and streamline overly complex […]

Reflections: West Coast Regional User Forum

I spent last Wednesday in beautiful Southern California hanging out with Interactive customers, partners, consultants, product managers, engineers, and sales, marketing and professional services folks.  It was an awesome day of learning…sharing…fellowship…and as the organizer of the event, Clare Kawamura, would say…getting into a little “mischief.”

One of the highlights was a customer panel session where we heard about how customers have extended Customer Interaction Center to realize greater benefits.  They talked about how…

Recorder and Optimizer played a critical role in virtualizing disparate centers, revealing operational gaps and opportunities not previously exposed. Flexible skills-based routing enabled access […]

97% Fat Free and Confusing Statistics

A recent discussion with a customer reminded me of the misunderstood and misleading nature of statistics.  The customer ran a test with a changed configuration and came back with the response "it only improved by 3%".  I asked for more details, and he said "before the change, we were at 6%, and now we are at 9%… a 3% improvement".  After a little more discussion, he understood the potential confusion in how he stated his results:

Going from 6% to 9% is an increase of 3% Going from 6% to 9% is an improvement of 50% (3% is 50% of 6%)

I wanted to make […]

Why Net Neutrality Matters

I woke up the other day and discovered that my home phone was not working.  No dial tone, no 411 and most importantly for me with two little kids no 911 service in the unfortunate case that we would need it.  Having worked with more than one phone in my career I of course began to look for the issue and quickly determined that it was a network problem rather than a wiring issue in my house.   After getting to that point I placed a call into ATT support thinking that they would send someone out right away to […]

Something about Engineering Diagrams

Recently a Systems Engineer from an Interactive Intelligence partner contacted me for help in creating a diagram for a complicated architecture.  This architecture was what we systems engineers would call “A Big Kahuna.” His was an architecture that consisted of multiple data centers, several remote sites, work from home agents, several resiliency requirements, and integrations to multiple point solutions that the customer employed.  It can get confusing trying to create a diagram that would incorporate all the above requirements.

 See, there is something about engineering diagrams.  They can range from extremely simple to […]

Business Communications European Style — Different or Not?

I’ve spent the week in the UK, in large part meeting with industry analysts and editors. As you might expect, some of the market dynamics and challenges are the same and some are different. All told, I reached some interesting conclusions about various communication topics that I thought I’d share.

1. The cloud is here to stay! Cloud-based (or hosted if you prefer that term) communications is a red-hot topic. One analyst told me 30% of his contact center inquiries revolve around the topic. Another analyst is pushing all his clients in that direction — "it just makes sense," he says.