I, Phone errr I,Pencil – What Is Disruptive Technology Anyway?

Last weekend in the Indianapolis Star Jonah Goldberg introduced his readers to one of the most famous essays ever penned on the power of free markets and more explicitly the power of the human spirit to work together toward an unknown common goal titled I, Pencil by Leonard Read. 

It begins …

“I am a lead pencil—the ordinary wooden pencil familiar to all boys and girls and adults who can read and write.* Writing is both my vocation and my avocation; that’s all I do."

 It goes on to state…

“Simple? Yet, not a single person on the face of this […]

“Yes, you sure can” – The power of consolidated communications

I frequently receive calls from managers and engineers of my customers wherein they discuss important project initiatives that would assist their contact centers to more efficiently serve their own customers.  These conversations usually start with them telling me about the importance of our ACD integration to a 3rd party system which provides efficiency, new features or applications and allows for “C” level visibility within their organizations.  The “C level visibility” words are frequently used when identifying new and important projects.  I am usually given information about the urgency of these integration projects and the specific timeline (or deadline) […]

The Social Media Customer Service Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to help you determine whether you should or should not make social media the next big channel of support in your customer service strategy.

Is your business a BtoB or BtoC? If you are a business to consumer company, then the odds are much higher that you will need to support social media. Statistics show that consumers are the dominant user of social media over employees in a business. And the top two reasons are very straightforward – productivity and security. IT departments have been instructed to lock employees out of social networking […]

When is Mobile Really Mobile?

This weekend my husband, one of the last of the mobile phone Luddites, finally broke down and realized he needed a smart phone. His father was in the hospital and his routine surgery had resulted in a series of complications. To make a long story short, my husband needed to be accessible at all times to receive updates.

We headed down to the local Apple store, intent on getting him an iPhone, as my husband has an iMac and loves it. The first surprise was that on a Sunday afternoon, the store was packed—practically standing room only with people […]

The “Why Can’t I” Principle

I stayed one night in a $70 hotel room with free wi-fi.  I then moved into a room roughly twice that much where I had to pay $10 for 24 hours of access.

Smart phones.  Flip cameras.  Text messages.  The world is getting smarter, in terms of a general technology awareness.  This isn’t specific to a particular industry or application, rather it’s a simple (maybe even unconscious) sense that things should be easier, or better.  A company provides a service that makes a customer do a double-take and say “Get out of here!  That’s cool!”

Take the wi-fi example.  […]

Giving Solid Customer Service — That is the requirement

I’ll admit up front that this post has nothing to do with technology. However, it has everything to do with communications, contact centers, and customer service.

I’m going to build on a good post from Matt Taylor in April 2010 titled, "Excessive Customer Service blah blah blah" http://www.inin.com/Blog/archive/2010/04/21/pet-peeve-excessive-customer-service-messaging.aspx In the post, Matt talks about his over-done experiences at fast food drive-thru windows. Though different, my experience was equally annoying and offers a similar lesson.

I was staying in a hotel as part of a conference group last month. I’ll forego mentioning the hotel name, but it is a chain that prides itself […]

iPhone is so yesterday… it’s an Android world!

I’ve had phone envy for the past few years watching friends and colleagues enjoy their iPhones while I paired a Blackberry and personal phone.  I’ve been married to Verizon by contract and kids’ phone lines.  Recently, my daughter needed a phone refresh for college, and after some research we went with the Droid Incredible.  That research got me thinking… "hey, I have an upgrade coming… I could drop the Blackberry and upgrade my phone to a Droid."  So last week I did… and now I’m officially a Droid 2 user.

And, wow, I’ve got the bug… this thing is […]

An Argument for Web Chat?

So, why is there so much growing interest in web chat?

In the UK (where I live), over the last five years, web chat usage has been steadily growing but personally, I prefer to talk  as opposed to typing – must be an immediacy thing!

Web chat usage has gone from under 3% in 2007 to almost 10% in 2009, across several verticals. According to Datamonitor, the retail industry tends to regularly exhibit the strongest contact centre technology adoption rates across most areas1  

For some […]

Workforce Management For Sale!!

I attended a session earlier this week on “selling” when you’re presenting and it reminded me of an instance when I got my first role in workforce management.  Someone told me “everyone is in sales, one way or another.”  I didn’t quite get it at first but over time I realized that it was the truth. 

Even if you are not involved directly with sales in your organization, if you are a workforce manager, you are a sales person too!  The big difference is that you sell concepts and processes instead of products.  In many ways, that can be an even greater […]