‘Tis The Season (To Know Thy Customer)

Sing it with me… It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Ah, the smooth crooning of Andy Williams.  Nothing puts me in the holiday mindset quite like music.  And Black Friday.  Personally I cower from the teeming throngs of shoppers, but I am fascinated by the whole phenomenon.  If you’re a retailer, you’re likely well acquainted with the aforementioned throngs.  I realize things can get pretty crazy with crowd dynamics, and I stumbled across some interesting articles this weekend that I thought you might be interested in.

A newspaper carried an article about the season’s hottest tech gifts.  […]

Solution Storming Sessions

Detailed Discovery Sessions have typically been conducted prior to implementation of a customer solution after contracts have been signed for a certain product or solution.  These sessions allow the services representatives of a vendor to configure and tailor a contact center solution to a customer’s specific environment.  The typical sales-to-implementation process would normally include the following and usually in this order:

1.)    Prospects determine internally the requirements of a solution2.)    They put out a request for proposal (RFP)3.)    Various vendors respond to the RFP4.)    Prospects short-list the vendors and ask them to present their solution5.)    Sometimes […]

WFM Once and Done…Not Quite.

Workforce Management (WFM) is a process and practice that must be maintained over time.  There are naturally software solutions like ours that help facilitate the process and when implemented correctly, they can return the favor in various ways (i.e. lower costs, higher or more consistent service levels, etc.) but that’s not enough.  In order to ensure that the processes around WFM continue to deliver benefits, you have to make sure they are maintained over time.

One of the most common problems in contact center WFM programs isn’t that they don’t have or haven’t ever had processes that support them […]

Contact Center: Cloud-Based Security Considerations

One of the top concerns regarding hosting or cloud-based computing is security. Enterprises are apprehensive about placing their critical corporate assets – customer data – in someone else’s hands. Here is a list of security considerations related to hosted contact center applications.

1. Protecting enterprise data from hackers – This issue confronts anyone with valuable data, whether it’s maintained internally or in a cloud. (The FBI, White House, State Department and other government agencies have all been hacked with varying degrees of success.) In theory, hosting companies have the most to lose – their entire business – so they […]

Preventing Uncomfortable Talks with Finance 101

I got a request from a client to help them understand how Interactive Intelligence systems prevent the situation being experienced by the poor soul in this article Security Manager’s Journal: Slammed with a $100,000 phone bill.  On an initial read of the article it appears that SIP is the culprit and as a call control protocol is insecure and not designed with security in mind.  This of course is not the case, rather the result outlined in the article was and is preventable using standard security practices.  While this type of security and fraud event is always a great title […]