Tis the season… to work?


The “holiday week” is upon us and as the hustle and bustle reaches it’s peak, contact centers are faced with one common challenge.  Everyone wants time off.   Scheduling time off in the contact center is always a hot topic but never more so than during the holiday weeks of Christmas and New Years.  Agents want time off to spend with family and friends, time off to shop, time to sleep, time to cook and all of the above.  The challenge of course is that there will almost always be more people interested in taking time off during the holidays […]

The IT Cultural Shift Created by Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure

Guest Blog: By Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting LLC

The hosting/cloud computing revolution has major ramifications for IT and telecom groups. It is driving changes in the mix of skills needed by IT personnel; specifically, technical managers need to be more business savvy and better able to deal collegially with their business partners. While this transformation will be difficult for many IT groups, it should benefit the enterprise, as it will help IT better understand and align themselves with their business colleagues. This was not a planned goal of hosting, but it will turn out to be one of […]