IPv4 is (almost) dead! Long Live IPv6: Should we care?

The Internet currently uses IP version four (IPv4) addressing format that is now almost thirty years old…

So, the range of internet addresses within the IPv4 realm is expected to run out sometime in November 2011… The upper limit of addresses possible with IPv4 is 4,294,967,296. This seems massive, but for a variety of reasons, 14% of this total is currently unallocated (and will never be used…)

Some bright spark has calculated that the IPv6 address space can handle about 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses. That’s enough for everyone on the planet to have trillions of IP addresses without […]

Planning for 2011: What Every Contact Center Should Know and How to Plan For It

A new year and a new set of challenges…and a new set of opportunities! You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would disagree with the point that contact center technology, as well as the dynamics of delivering quality service, is changing at a rapid pace. The accelerated adoption of cloud-based solutions, the incorporation of social media into the multi-channel mix, the need to accurately capture the voice of the customer, new methods of measuring agent effectiveness…what will change in 2011 and how can you be ready?  

Hopefully not breaking the blog crew’s rule of avoiding self-promotion, I’d like to […]

Remote Agents and the value of real time speech analytics

Back in October we presented an upcoming new product (Interaction Analyzer) with a feature called ‘Real Time Speech Analytics’, at our annual gathering of partners, consultants and analysts. We did a live demo and had a focus session that generated quite a few questions, and created a lot of discussion in the weeks after the conference. During the tail end of the last quarter we briefed several customers individually and also presented a session on speech analytics at a regional end user forum held for our New York/New Jersey customers. While the partners and consultants saw the broad value […]

2011 Resolutions The Year of the Customer

I gave a shout out to a few customers to see if they had any resolutions for 2011. The resounding theme was a renewed awareness and focus on providing superior customer service.

Penny St Antoine, Vice President of Contact Centre Operations at MCAP, shares:

“Our resolution for 2011 is to continue to emphasize the development of mortgage experts in our Contact Centre to provide superior service to our borrowers. In 2011, we will be introducing a new focus of recognizing and rewarding our agents for taking ownership of customer issues and resolving them.”

My friend Chris Borg, Operations Manager […]