Quality Monitoring – Who Cares?

In my opinion, there are few processes in a contact center environment as critical as monitoring the quality of contacts.  Surveys confirm that most contact centers conduct regular quality monitoring, but too often, the focus is still on the monthly average quality score for the center.  Contact centers exist in nearly every industry you can think of, from companies that manufacture a product as unique as shrimp pealing machines, to those that support utilities and financial services.  Regardless of the industry, the contact center exists for a specific purpose, and provides a service that needs to be evaluated through […]

The Rise & Rise of Video Conferencing

The Rise & Rise of Video Conferencing

So, this week, I‘ve been at a Trade Show in the UK (www.ucexpo.co.uk), and from previous years attendance at this show, I’ve noticed a distinct rise in the number of companies promoting video conferencing services, from either a software or hardware viewpoint. Companies that you may never have heard of such as Lifesize, Vidyo, SMB Solutions were all prominent, as well as the known names such as NEC, Microsoft and Polycom – all with shiny and bright video offerings.

Argyle and Cook (1976) have written the classic on this topic, Gaze and […]

Making Your Contact Center Better Tomorrow Than it is Today

I’m going to tackle this topic in several installments (lest I get yelled at by the blog crew police for having a post that is too long). So here’s where I’m starting from…

Most contact centers that I visit….well….they "exist." What I mean is they do pretty much what they did yesterday, and the day before that, and the year before that. Not a lot of change. Plenty of ideas for change, but not much action.

Then there are the rare innovative ones. Those like Vegas.com, Phillips Medical, and Loan Depot, where everyday, the people at these contact centers wake […]