Quickly Figure Out Why Calls are Failing

Reaching back to my days as the Principal Engineer in support, I wanted my first blog to touch on something that the users of our system can utilize to save them time when something causes their calls to stop working correctly.  The key for a CIC administrator is to first narrow down whether the call problem lies on the SIP/network side OR the TDM/telephony side.  Figuring this out quickly can save the business countless calls, time, and essentially money!

The best place to determine which side the problem exists in is the gateway.  The two makes of gateway sold by […]

Interaction Designer Power Tools Diff Utility

One of the questions that often comes up during Handlers classes or in the community.inin.com forum is, “Can I run a diff between my existing handler(s) and the ones included in a Service Update?”  The answer is yes, and the functionality has been available for several years (my sympathy to those who are now grinding their teeth in chagrin).  Currently you will need to enable the Interaction Designer Power Tools per the instructions found in the Interaction Designer Power Tools Technical Reference (found in the IC Documentation Library, either on you IC Server or on the Support web site). In […]

Customer Service as a Source for Growth – What you don’t know can hurt you!!

In the insurance industry, customer service is one of the key areas that can be used as a source of growth. Due to industry regulation and product standardization, superior service is vital to customer retention and company growth. But how, specifically, can insurance companies use customer service to grow?

Among the multiple customer service strategies for growth are differentiation, cross-selling, retention/customer loyalty, and relationship-building via external channels such as banks.

My more than 20 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 insurance company has revealed that most firms […]

Quality – Who cares -and what will you do about it?

In my previous blog I talked about identifying who cares about the quality of your contact center interactions, by identifying the center’s role within the organization, and creating a mission statement for the contact center.   So once you have that – what are you going to do about it?  Take the next step!

Purpose and Goals of Quality Monitoring Program

The next step in the framework is to define the purpose and goals of your QM program.  Is the purpose simply to assess agent performance – or will you also leverage the value […]

CIC Web Services?

Recently I’ve been playing around with creating my own web services to consume in a relatively new product of ours called Interaction Process Automation.    Our group has  also been exploring the use of web services in our newly developed web administration for 4.0 and we’ve created a few for some newly developed mobile applications.  So recently I’ve had web services on the brain and it seemed like a good topic for my first post on the Tech Lounge.

I’ve had many questions in the past about our plans to expose API’s to Customer Interaction Center in the form of Web Services. […]

Read This for a Tax Break

Tick tock, tick tock… April 18 waits for no man. 

Let me spoil the surprise for you now.  There’s no (direct) monetary benefit at the end of this post, but I’m going to keep it short for a reason.  The tax break that you’re getting here is a break from filling out forms and deciphering the tax code.  A moment of clarity. A “guided exhale,” if you will.

Think about all of the confusing documents and work sheets we’re saddled with every year around this time.  Think about who has created those forms.  The procedures are documented by […]

Welcome to the Tech Lounge

Welcome to the Tech Lounge! This is a space for some of us technical folks at Interactive Intelligence to post about various technical topics that are near and dear to us.

My name is Aaron Lerch and I’m a Lead Software Engineer working on several of the client applications that many end-users of our system interact with. I’m also just one of the many people who will be posting here about things we’re working on and interested in, the stuff we are passionate about. I got lucky enough to be able to write the very first post.

What can you […]

Spring training and remote agents?

My son Tate had a baseball tournament down in Arizona a few weeks back. My dad and son Ryan joined us, and we made an Alley guys’ Spring Training trip out of it. We had the time of our lives in what felt like baseball heaven. We basked in the warm desert sun bouncing between the Big League Dreams and Cactus League parks, watching our favorite players participate in America’s greatest pastime.

On the last day, we saw the strangest thing…

As we walked into Giants stadium in Scottsdale, we noticed everyone wearing agent headsets and talking on the […]