Technology is Not Always the Answer

As with most of you, a major portion of my career and life in general revolves around technology.  Whether it be my iPhone apps, iPad Apps, Microsoft Lync or self-service applications provided by my bank, broker or other companies I do business with.  With the explosion of mobile devices we have all seen this trend toward self-service exploding and along with it a precipitous decline in opportunities to truly touch in a human way those that are providing you the service.  While technology is a wondrous tool it does not hold all the answers, sometimes old-school touchy feely is […]

WFM Big Brother vs. Little Brother

The process of managing schedule adherence is often referred to as the “big brother” part of the workforce management process.   The agents hate it because “big brother” (i.e. management) is actually managing them when they don’t follow their schedule.  Leadership teams aren’t crazy about spending their days being “big brother” either but it’s a necessary evil in the contact center where neglecting to follow the efficient schedules you’ve worked so hard to develop is service level suicide.  So, how is a contact center leader supposed to engage the employees that refuse to get on board? One option is to […]

User Conference Lab Setup

Well, I am on the road today, headed off to New Zealand to teach an IPA Design and Implementation class.  I just looked at the schedule, and realized that I have a blog article due…

This one won’t have a lot of fancy graphics, since I don’t have access to any servers from LAX Airport.  Instead, I would like to share a little bit of our (particularly my) experience creating the lab environment for Interactions 2011 a couple of weeks ago in Indianapolis.

First, the obligatory disclaimer – some of the things we do in a lab or training environment […]