Multiple Page Work Items in IPA 3.0 SU12

With the release of IC 3.0 SU12 we now have a feature which many Interaction Process Automation (IPA) sites have been requesting for quite a while – the ability to add multiple pages to a Work Item.

The procedure for creating a new Work Item has not changed a lot, with the main addition to the dialog being a Name field for the particular page.  The main functionality change, in my mind, is the ability to specify actions which will run when the Work Item starts, when it transitions between pages, and when a page completes with a button press.  […]

Gigabit Home Networks and At-Home Agents

Much work has been done recently to bring lightning fast, broadband networks to homes. A quick Google search on "gigabit broadband" returns over 362,000 results with the top articles discussing Google’s work in launching their gigabit network in Kansas City (much to the chagrin of thousand other towns that vied for the project, including my own town of Fishers, Indiana).

In looking further, you’ll also find that Comcast is well on their way to launching the same gigabit broadband to their cable subscribers. But the news doesn’t end there. In looking deeper, you’ll find the gigabit broadband is already […]