Starting an IPA Process from a Handler

This week I’m Down Under in Melbourne, Australia, teaching an IPA Design and Implementation course.  Since I have servers at my disposal and a little time during labs, I decided to experiment a little with initiating a Process from a handler in conjunction with an inbound ACD call, so that a Work Item alerts on the agent’s queue just after he/she picks up the call.  The results are not perfect, but do show great promise and usefulness – I know other folks are creating fairly complicated solutions along the same lines.

I chose to place my functionality into the CustomACDPostAlert […]

Are Prospective Customers Important?

Don’t Let Your Online Insurance Sales Process Turn Consumers Away!


It’s no secret that insurance companies are struggling with growth and customer retention in today’s economy.  And while it’s important to provide excellent customer service once a claim occurs, it’s equally important to provide stellar sales service to attract new customers.

Beyond competitive pricing, consumers want to know that they will receive timely service via the communications channel of their choice, 24/7. This starts the minute a consumer begins looking for a policy. Interestingly, despite the […]

Imagine this sales people

You have an existing customer that, even though the relationship is fairly new, is getting ready to place a monster order for add-on business that would blow your number out, secure your spot as the company’s top performer, and put you in a position to consider taking the next 2-3 years off.

Not to pour vinegar on your Cheerios, but… Just before the order is signed, there is a technical issue that causes this customer’s business to come to a screeching halt, including a significant loss in revenue. Needless to say, they are in an absolute uproar. The CEO […]

Speech Analytics: Applying the KISS Principle Gives Contact Center Managers Something to Smile About

Guest Post by Nancy Jamison, President and Principal Analyst of Jamison Consulting

In a recent Interactive Intelligence blog, the company’s chief marketing officer, Joe Staples, makes the point that speech analytics adoption has been hampered by being too pricey and complex. Contact center managers continue to investigate it, however, because it also has the potential to provide significant benefits.To find out how contact center managers can avoid costly and complex speech analytics deployments, while getting the most from these solutions, I talked to Matt Taylor, director of product management at Interactive Intelligence.

Nancy: How do contact centers […]

Rocky Doesn’t Work Here

We’re living in a stressful time.  The topic on a lot of minds these days is money… more specifically credit (or as I like to think of it, “the art of spending money you don’t have".  I recently had the opportunity to visit a company in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.  These folks are most commonly known as “collectors.”

I had no prior experience in the ARM vertical, and what I knew of collectors was largely dramatized on TV or in movies.  This being the case, I was excited to see and learn some new things.  I imagined a high-stress […]

The Two Main Problems With Speech Analytics

Just say the words "speech analytics" and you’re likely to cause many contact center managers and directors to cringe. The two things that come to mind, are in reality, the root of the problem. Traditionally speech analytics have suffered from two (or in this case "too") significant issues — too pricey and too complex.

To illustrate…I heard a company in Australia present recently. For their 100-agent contact center, the speech analytics product they purchased took nine servers, $60,000 in hardware, and $350,000 in software and services (there is problem one). After six months, it still isn’t implemented (there is problem two).