Exposing Web Services in CIC Part 2

Following up from our last post, we will start off by creating a WSDL file for our service. WSDL files describe our web service by defining what operations are permitted and what our input and output data should look like. In our case, we will create a web service that will receive a queue name and return some stats such as estimated wait time, available agents and how many calls are waiting in the queue. We can then consume this web service in any other applications that require this data.

Let give our webservice a name ‘GetQueueStats’ and proceed to […]

Post-Call Customer Feedback Surveys: Tips and Tricks for Doing It Right

Guest Post by Nancy Jamison, President and Principal Analyst of Jamison Consulting

I recently called a financial services contact center and received a survey the next day about my experience with the company. The problem was that the post-call survey wasn’t tied to the specifics of my interaction. So how could my answers be relevant?

This got me thinking about customer feedback surveys in general: what are the pitfalls and what can companies do to get them right?

To answer these questions, I conducted an interview with Gina Clarkin, the product manager responsible for customer feedback management applications […]

Exposing Web Services in CIC

Soap Listener is one of those products which is not talked about a lot but is one of the easiest ways to bring up a web service which talks to CIC. It runs as an ISAPI filter in IIS, filtering requests as they come in giving us ability to enhance the functionality of IIS. My environment uses Windows 2008 64bit running IIS 7 and it requires some additional tasks so we will talk a bit about installation in this post. In a series of posts, we will bring up a web service and get it to do something useful.

To […]

Dreamforce 2011 — Why isn’t there a communications show like this?

I went to Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce event a few days ago. It was a repeat for me as I also attended in 2010. What an event! Since I left I’ve been asking myself two questions. How did Salesforce pull this off? And, more importantly for you and me, why isn’t there a communications event like this?

So for the first question, let me start by pointing you to Nancy Jamison’s write up on the event, "Plenty for the Contact Center at Dreamforce ’11." A great summary. Thanks, Nancy. So how did they pull it off? Is it the San Francisco venue (they outgrew […]

Is It Still Good to Talk?

So, is it still good to talk?

New research from a popular price comparison website shows that 58% of the British make less than one mobile call a day and 44% make less than one call a day on their home landline. So is the art of conversation really dead, or with the rising popularity of SMS, email and, of course, social media, are we just finding new ways to talk? 

There are over 74 million mobile phones in use in the UK, which is higher than the current population, but rather than […]

Hear Me Out – a Vlog (video blog)

Even though I work primarily on the Pre-Sales side designing and architecting customer solutions, it is not uncommon for me to help with Post-Sales support.  I will usually become involved at that juncture when a customer voices concerns about poor audio quality, and I need to troubleshoot.  However, there is frequently a communication barrier when the end user generically summarizes the symptomotology as “crappy audio” or a similar unscientific description of the actual problem.  A medical doctor has to run multiple diagnostic tests when a patient has a broad or ambiguous set of symptoms in order to narrow down […]