How Innovation Enables Us To Move Forward

Welcome to my first post in The Tech Lounge! My name is Travis Gillison, and I have been employed as a member of the Product Integration Team within Testing since November of 2007. During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to see how our product is used in the field, and subsequently, how it has changed.  This has enabled me to glean a thorough understanding of what we do here at Interactive Intelligence.  I get the “bird’s eye view” of our software.

You may not know this, but most of the new features and changes made within our Service [...]

Hear Me Out 2 – a picture blog for ‘ear’ritating issues

I begin by thanking all of you for the tremendous response to my previous video blog titled Hear Me Out.  Based on your feedback I decided to follow up with a sequel picture blog which will introduce us to a variety of tools used to help identify and mitigate VoIP audio issues.  As before, in keeping with the brief nature of this picture blog I will let the pictures do the talking and I will provide short explanations where necessary.  Please note that the screen shots of the tools I have used are one of many ways [...]

Creating a Blueprint for Web Chat Success

Many companies have been focused on the Customer Experience for the past several years, and have made some significant investments and vast improvements in the communications channel they have been using for a very long time:  the telephone. The same types of advances that happened for the phone were then applied to servicing the customer via email.  With the telephone and email interactions streamlined, what’s next?

Customers desire the ability to decide when and how they will communicate with your company. With the trend toward near real-time communication, is it possible that companies are [...]

Top 10 Interaction Attendant Enhancements

Interaction Attendant hasn’t had much attention thrown at it for a while. But the tide is changing and there some really nice enhancements added to it lately. Let look at the top 10 features you probably were not aware of:

Read-Only Mode (SU12)

Previously if you needed to review your Attendant configuration, there was a good chance that you would be stealing the lock from another user if they had Attendant open as well. As of SU12, you can now load the attendant tree in read only mode without having any issues with stealing locks. Attendant can be launched using [...]

Getting Ahead with Workforce Optimization

When I was younger, I would always ask my dad, why he used the same shaving cream. Why did he only use Crest Toothpaste.  Or why he wouldn’t look for a new job after experiencing difficult times at work.  And each time his answer was simple: loyalty.  That was just how his generation was built, if you find something good, you stick with it.  Unfortunately, loyalty is no longer a common practice in the 21st century.

So what exactly does this mean?  It means that we’re in a new era, an era of information, the web, social media and [...]

Routing incoming faxes to a network printer

These days..it is getting harder to get a standalone fax machine. If you like getting hard copies of your faxes and don’t have a fax machine anymore, there a solution which is pretty straight forward and doesn’t involved getting your hands dirty with handlers. Open your fax station in Interaction Administrator and add the following custom attributes:

The attribute PRINTER points to the UNC path of the printer we are going to print our fax to. ICAdmin account must have rights to use this printer otherwise it will fail. PRINTSTYLE can be used to set how the page will [...]