Clarity in the clouds

The term “cloud” has been so widely used and abused that confusion has hit an all-time high. Some say it even rivals the likes of “CRM.” The purpose of this post is to attempt to throw out a starting point to reference and solicit your thoughts, feedback and experiences so we can collectively create clarity around the topic and how it relates to the contact center.

So, what is this cloud thang anyway?

Below are the first two results that came up when searching Google Images for “cloud computing.”


The first is pretty straight forward. The […]

Outbound and Blended Dialing QA: Selection Criteria, Best Practices, and More

Guest Post by Nancy Jamison, President and Principal Analyst of Jamison Consulting. Outbound dialing has many applications for businesses of all types – from collections and telemarketing firms that rely on outbound for their livelihoods, to an increasing number of companies that want to deploy outbound for more proactive customer service. So I interviewed Mathew Erickson, senior product manager for outbound solutions at Interactive Intelligence, to find out how companies can maximize the value of an outbound and/or blended dialing deployment. NJ: We like to talk about the concept of a blended agent, but not every agent has the temperament […]

Using the Get DS Parameter Tool Step

The Get DS Parameter tool step can be very useful in situations where you want to set the value of a variable within a handler by setting the value of a Server Parameter in Interaction Administrator. This allows you to change the behavior of a handler without having to open the handler, modify the variable definition, save the handler, and publish it again.

You could use the Get DS Attr tool step instead, but the Get DS Parameter tool step offers a couple of advantages which make it a more attractive option.

An example use might be to […]