Don’t Do More With Less, Make More Less with WFO!

Personally, the start of a new year can be hopeful and exciting.  Professionally, it can be overwhelming in the contact center where a new year often means higher workload with a lower budget than last year.  If you’re in that boat, you’ve probably already found yourself asking the constant contact center question:  “How am I going to do more with less this year?”  Answering that question can be difficult without a plan and the right tools to do it the right way; by getting better and not just cheaper.  Instead of doing more with less, what if you could […]

Accounts Receivable Management Expert Q&A State of the Industry, Technology Challenges and Opportunities

Guest post by Nancy Jamison, President and Principal Analyst, Jamison Consulting

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) is a complex vertical that’s greatly benefitted from technologies such as blended dialing, call recording, and content management. With the economic downturn and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, the ARM industry is facing both new challenges and new opportunities. To get more insight into today’s ARM landscape I turned to two debt collection technology experts at unified IP business communications solutions provider, Interactive Intelligence: Bobbi Chester, solutions marketing manager for ARM, and Mark LaBoyteaux, manager of strategic accounts for ARM.

NJ: Accounts receivable management […]

A Time to Reflect

We have finally reached the end of another year and as usual, for me, it’s a time to reflect on how the year went and look forward to the New Year. 2011 saw us release a number of service updates:

3 Service Updates for CIC 3.0 1 Service Update for Dialer 2.4 2 Service Updates for Interaction Gateway 2 Service Updates for Dialer 3.0 2 Service Updates for SIP Proxy

We also saw the release of CIC 4.0 which was a fairly major undertaking. On all fronts, 4.0 showcases our ability to innovate and 2012 is the year where most […]

A Viewpoint on Collections and the New Unemployed

As the marketing person who supports our Accounts Receivable Management (aka, collections) vertical, I’ve been working recently with several industry experts on our latest white paper, The Future of Compliance for the Debt Collection Industry.  One of the topics we’re covering is "Collecting from the New Unemployed," and it strikes me as an especially poignant topic that, for the most part, has flown under the radar during the Great Recession we’re collectively recovering from — or that we’re hopefully recovering from – your mileage may vary as to how “recovered” you feel.

The most recent report from the Bureau of Labor […]

Using Gmail for Unified Messaging

The last few weeks have been very busy so apologies for not posting. As of IC 3.0 SU11 (SU10 w/ SU10-ES_IC-79127) we added support for oAuth, which is the underlying technology that lets us integrate to Gmail. OAuth lets us access user data without us knowing what the user password is. There are basically two parts to it:

Enable oAuth if it hasn’t been already enabled (Advanced Tools>Authentication>Manage OAuth Domain Key) in the Gmail setup console.

We need to enable ‘consumer key’ and ‘two-legged oAuth control’. Enable SMTP and IMAP providers in Interaction Administrator.

Once we have Gmail configured, […]

Who Says We Can’t Spring Clean in December?

As 2011 comes to a close, it is always good to be introspective about things that you have done over the year.  In order for your business to remain competitive, functional and efficient, it is important to continually monitor your processes and operations.  It is also good to audit security policies.

One thing I have noticed is over the last decade, the remote worker is becoming increasingly abundant.  One of our customers, VIPdesk, modified their entire business model to adjust for remote workers.  They found that remote workers were typically more educated, and had lower attrition rates than traditional contact […]

7 Steps to Successful Web Chat Implementation

In my previous post,  Creating a Blueprint for Web Chat Success, I wrote about the benefits of Web chat and how to determine if your company was ready to offer this channel to your customers.  If you followed that methodology, you’ve looked at your market space, examined your customer profile and preferences, and hopefully determined that the Web chat channel is a good fit for your company’s strategic goals and vision.  But where do you go from here?   


There are multiple steps that you can take to help […]