Customers Getting Creative in the Clouds

I’m sitting in the Hong Kong airport reflecting back on this week’s APAC Partner Conference in Phuket Thailand.  It was an awesome experience (of course the beautiful setting had nothing to do with it…) and between this trip and one last month to Kuala Lumpur I’ve learned a ton about the implications of the cloud in the Asia Pacific region speaking with Interactive employees and partners as well as key analysts and consultants in this part of the world.

Andrew Milroy of Frost and Sullivan shared that the cloud is projected to be the number one priority for […]

A Social, Mobile, Cloud Approach for Every Insurance Carrier

They are the hot topics for every industry this year…social media, mobile apps, and cloud-based offerings. So, what’s driving this interest and feeding the buzz in the insurance industry? Sure, social media and mobile users are steadily increasing, and cloud-based solutions are both attractive and affordable, but it is the opportunity to improve overall customer service that is really enticing.

Insurance carriers must expand their traditional contact center and customer service operations to offer information through multiple communication channels and manage it effectively, streamlining both policy and claim processes. Given the breadth of these three trending […]

Interaction Attendant Remote Data Query

One of the common questions I usually get asked is how to determine what value goes in where in the Remote Data Query node. Instead of getting into the technical details of the web service or the wsdl, I’ll share a quick technique which will aid you with what you need to know. My tool of choice is usually SOAP UI which is probably bit too heavy for most users so feel free to use any light weight alternative which can give you similar results.

If you would like to use SOAP UI, then you can get it here. Grab the […]

An Open Letter to Customer Service Providers

Dear Customer Service Provider, 

My role in the Customer Service industry is that of your customer.  In the corporate hierarchy, that should place me one step directly above the CEO.  I am the lifeblood of the entire company.  Without my involvement, there’s literally no reason for your company to exist.  Now that we have a proper perspective, there are four things I’d like to say.  

First, I don’t want to call you.  Nothing personal, but it’s a pain.  I have better things to do than wait on hold to speak to someone who doesn’t know […]

Process Mapping As-is or Not To As-is That is the Question

Does your company have detailed process maps for all of their business processes?  If your company is like most my guess is that the as-is process maps are nonexistent or very outdated.  I have heard it time and time again – “we don’t have time”, “we don’t have the resources,” etc. Companies that are starting process improvement or business process automation projects will many times skip the as-is step and move right into the to-be design. If you don’t truly understand your process how can you improve it?

A personal case study

My first taste of as-is process mapping […]