BPA – Why? We already have BPM! Can they co-exist?

BPA – Why? We already have BPM! Can they co-exist?

So your company has invested a great deal of money and countless hours into planning and implementing a Business Process Management (BPM) suite in an operating department. Now your boss starts asking you about something they read about Business Process Automation (BPA) and if your department could benefit from it – how do you respond?

While both a BPA and BPM project starts with some type of Business Process Mapping, and both aim to improve business process efficiencies, there are differences. Here is a quick look at some of the […]

Contact Centers: Sharing Bad News the Right Way

This post has nothing to do with technology. However, it has everything to do with the success of the contact center. After all, the contact center’s value is based on the customer experience it is able to deliver. And often times, that experience comes down to the performance of the agent.

In a recent experience with a contact center agent, I asked her, "Can you tell me what my current interest rate is on the credit card." With an enthusiastic, cheery tone that would typically be used to tell someone that they had just won the lottery, she said, […]

Best Practice Alert! Reducing Effort Can Lead to Increased Customer Retention

Best Practice Alert!  Reduced Effort can Lead to Increased Customer Retention in Insurance.

I recently read an article from the Tower Group, Winning in Contact Center Technology, which centered on the main idea that contact centers can improve the customer experience by reducing customer effort. Certainly an intriguing idea, especially since traditional contact centers are all about finding ways to reduce something–reduce  average handle time, reduce  abandonment rate, reduce  idle time, etc.  So why not look beyond reductions in the call center?

There are a couple of ways to reduce customer effort:

1.      Proactive Outreach

 Reach out to […]