Regular Expressions Tip for Interaction Gateway or SIP Proxy

When setting up a route for Interaction Gateway or Interaction SIP Proxy you use Perl regular expressions to define the route patterns.

My classroom environment in Indianapolis has over 100 IC servers, each with its own range of phone numbers.  My 4.0 servers, for example, each have 20,000 different phone numbers assigned.  I really don’t want to have to create one route for each phone number on each server!

Let’s take a single server as an example.  ICServer01a needs to receive calls to 1317201xxxx, 317201xxxx, 201xxxx, 1702201xxxx, and 702201xxxx where xxxx is the range 0000-9999.  If I were to set […]

Should I Have to Work to be Your Customer?

Should I have to work to be your customer? 

What level of effort do you consider as acceptable for your customers to expend before they reach their limit and become frustrated, disloyal, and decide to stop being your customer?  Results from a recent survey by the Customer Contact Council indicate that 96% of customers attribute their disloyalty to a high-effort experience with a service organization. Investment in contact center technology that reduces customer effort by enabling multi-channel service and proactive outreach is imperative.

My last blog talked about […]

Harnessing the Power of Customer Moments

While preparing for a presentation I was delivering at ACCE on mobility, cloud and the future of customer care, something hit me…the killer app for mobility might be as simple as harnessing the power of customer moments!

Think about how we use our SmartPhones and Tablets. We expect to pull these powerful computing devices out of our pockets, backpacks, purses and handbags, and do business in the moment, on a moment’s notice, with only a moment to spare. It’s all about the moment.

While I’d like to take credit for the insight, a seed was likely planted while reading […]

Here comes the phone-dissing generation

One of the few perks that I have always enjoyed from this travel-intensive job is to wake up at the crack of dawn, open my hotel room door, and find a freshly delivered newspaper within arm’s reach.  I know what you are thinking, but yes, this technology evangelist still enjoys catching up with world events the old fashioned way, with a cup of chai tea and the feel of soft newspaper in my hands.  During one recent trip, I read an article in USA Today by Adam Sylvain titled “State laws let telephone companies end land-line services,” […]