Customer Service Apps ‘Inside’ the Enterprise

Two of the hot topics discussed in the contact center space are — anything to do with social media and of course mobility. In some cases they are part of the same discussion, but if I were keeping score, the interest in how contact centers can better handle interactions with their mobile customers is way ahead of the social media issues. The focus is around providing a better customer experience for users who need to interact with a contact center during a mobile transaction.  Companies are seeking a ways to improve how consumers in all demographics deal with […]

A Quick Primer on SOAP XML and XPath

Wow…how time flies J .We have already hit half the year without even realizing it. One of the most frequent questions I get is about SOAP so I figured I will touch a bit on XML and XPath since anyone working with web services has to deal with them at some stage. A SOAP message which is basically XML can be summed up in the following image:

The envelope element encapsulates all the other elements to form our SOAP message. Let’s walk through a sample SOAP response message and see what we can make of it:


Customer interactions using mobile smartphones — its evolution, not revolution

Did radio REPLACE newspapers? Did television REPLACE radio? Did email REPLACE the phone call? In each of these cases, the answer is no. The one didn’t replace the other, but in each case, the newer technology had an effect on the older technology and was part of an evolution of how we communicate.

So what is the next step in this ongoing evolution? As it relates to the contact center, I believe the answer lies in that device you have in your pocket… yes, the smartphone. The latest mobile devices (that continue to evolve at a torrid pace) have so much […]

The Rising Tide Carries All Ships

During several of the tradeshows we participated in during the first half of this year, I conducted my own informal (albeit, non-scientific) survey of the state of the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.  In essence, I talked with attendees about their plans for the remainder of the year.  And without exception the response I received was that they expected to grow – grow their number of employees, expand into complementary businesses and/or purchase new equipment and solutions. 

And now these first several months have shown continued economic improvements on a macro level, and I’m wondering if we’re now finally at […]