How to kick start your at-home agent program

The interest in recruiting and hiring for “at-home agents” has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The possibility of increased productivity from home-based employees coupled with the ability to cut cost simultaneously has proved to be an intriguing business case to most companies. However, companies are still not quite sure which policies to adopt and what first steps to take to address moving from a brick and mortar environment to a home-based one.

Fortunately, over the past few months, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at a few at-home agent (remote agent) conferences/summits on behalf […]

Customer Skill-Based Routing

The product or service your company provides may not change at all from one customer to the next, but the way in which you provide it could change greatly, because of the customer.  How well do you know your customers, and how are you using that knowledge to better serve them?

I was an IT guy, here at Interactive Intelligence, for 8 years. My role was providing desktop support for our diverse user base –my internal customers. On one end of the spectrum, we have software developers writing code for an all-in-one communications platform and on the other end, […]

Cloud Services Brokerage – the New IT?

According to a recent Gartner survey, Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) is playing a larger role in the future of IT services. So what is it and why should we care in the world of customer care?

Are more and more of your customer care (and other) applications moving to the cloud now that concerns have been addressed? If so, you are likely facing three new and interesting business challenges.

How to manage varying contract, billing and support terms of various cloud services How to integrate multiple cloud applications to deliver end-to-end services How to augment functionality offered by cloud […]

Using XPath to retrieve webservice data

This is going to be a short post as we wrap up our discussion from our last post. Let’s visit our response message and see how we can tackle the XPath issue where the prefix has not been assigned to our namespace in the response message.

One of the ways we can make this work is by defining a prefix of our choosing in our name space definition.

The step that is responsible for that is the ‘XML Set Document Property’ which allows you to define your namespaces.

The format used for defining the namespaces is as follows: xmlns:<prefix>=”<namespace-uri>”.The list […]