Mobile Applications in Insurance – Customer Service is Not a Choice

The latest buzz regarding customer contact channels is mobile applications.  How do you ensure success within this channel?  I recently attended a webinar by Information Week Financial Services called Getting Answers from Mobile Initiatives where they discussed different applications for the insurance industry, metrics that indicate mobile success, and where companies are focusing their money for mobile applications.  According to Forrester Research, the top 3 priorities/objectives for mobile applications are:

Increasing customer engagement Improving customer satisfaction Appear as innovative

I would like to examine the first two objectives, customer engagement and satisfaction.  As a consultant, I have received the consistent […]

Improving the Policyholder Experience: Don’t Ignore the ‘Little Data’

Last week I spent some time at an event on ‘big data’ in the insurance industry. The one-day seminar featured speakers from Gartner, IBM, and panelists from insurance technology providers and carriers. Throughout the sessions, interesting and innovative ideas were presented around the concept of making the most of the data and the business intelligence we have. With that said, I saw three main themes:

How to use this data for predictive insight How to assess risk and fraudulent activity How to remain competitive and profitable

What I found interesting was that of all these concepts, very few presenters spoke […]