BYOD – Love it or Hate it. It’s here to stay.

Three years ago I wrote a blog titled Why you will never take away my desktop phone, which mentioned a report by Gartner that said desktop phones will be replaced by mobile phones by 2011. Back then, it looked like RIM and Apple were going to dominate the mobile market and Google was nowhere to be seen.

Well, here we are at the end of 2012 and the majority of organizations are still using desktop phones. Surprising? Not at all. But in looking back over the past three years, there has been a lot of change in the way we […]

Why you won’t hear about the cloud three years from now

Today, the term “cloud” seems to permeate every discussion and every bit of writing on the subject of contact center and business communications. It is the fastest growing segment of those industries by a long shot. Well-respected analyst firm, DMG Research, recently published in their comprehensive 433 page Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report, that the cloud contact center market will grow 45% in 2012. That compares with single digit growth for its premise-based counterparts. If you look just at Interactive Intelligence as an example, our cloud based contact center business has been the fastest growing segment of our business […]

A Closer Look at Interaction Dialer 4.0

You may have read recently about the release of our latest version of our Interaction Dialer® product.  Interaction Dialer® 4.0 offers a wide variety of features, and enhances many of the items from our previous release.  I am particularly excited about it, as I was heavily involved with our internal testing and spent most of this year working directly with this product.  I’d like to use this blog post to add some additional context to the key highlights of this version.

#1 – The Removal of Workflows

One of the biggest changes in the 4.0 release is the elimination of […]