2016 U.S. Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis


In late June, 250 mayors of major U.S. metropolitan cities together with their staffs and families traveled to Indianapolis for the 2016 U.S. Conference of Mayors. Interactive Intelligence proudly supported conference host, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Interactive Intelligence CEO Don Brown has always been a valued corporate citizen to the Hoosier state. An IU alum, Brown has founded three software companies in Indianapolis, including the first software company to ever go through an initial public offering in Indiana. Brown has played an active role in helping Indianapolis advance causes through public-private partnerships. These partnerships, along with being fantastic hosts, is something Indianapolis does extremely well.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors was an excellent opportunity for Interactive to join the conversation with government leaders regarding constituents’ ever changing expectations of customer experience. Here are some takeaways and highlights:

An Unexpected Panel

During the conference, television personality, Ann Curry interviewed a panel including His Holiness, the Dalai Lama; Lady Gaga; and billionaire Phil Anschutz, co-founder of Major League Soccer and the owner of L.A. Lakers and L.A. Kings. This panel was followed by a speech of Senator Hillary Clinton. Bizarre line-up? Without question. How does any of this relate? Their collective message focused on building community and pulling together disparate positions so we can live peacefully amongst one another. Interactive’s PureCloud platform1 was built precisely with the intention of efficiently reorganizing various endpoints to order. The more I listened, it became abundantly clear that government services, in all of its complexities and its main function of communicating to its constituents and inter-departmental agencies, are a perfect fit for the PureCloud platform.

Orlando Mayor’s Personal Account

The most powerful part of the conference was when Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer took the podium just two weeks after the tragic shooting in his hometown. Mayor Dyer walked us through the details of the events at a very intimate level; how both the hostages and the assailant were communicating to the media, the law enforcement, and loved ones. And what I learned about not only Mayor Dyer, but this special group of talented leaders across the country, is that they’re incredible relationship builders who care for and support one another on a personal level. And they’re great relationship builders because in times of dire need, they need a gut level of trust and reliance upon one another and their community partners to find a way through a tragic situation like that of Orlando in June. It’s amazing to know that our country’s mayors have such a strong support system!

Constituent Experience Expectations

A couple of colleagues and I spoke with Steve Adler, mayor of Austin, Texas, as well as the chair of technology and innovation task force for the U.S. Mayor’s Conference. He walked us through the widely publicized Uber background check debate in his city. Austin’s ballot vote on fingerprint background checks on Uber and Lyft drivers, particularly focused on drivers with records of sexual assault, hit every media channel in the world. We talked about this intersection of government services and the new economy, and he invited us to further demonstrate how we are witnessing the transformation of the customer experience. We have seen a reset of the new normal of expectations of the “constituent experience,” as it were, due to new technologies in the marketplace.

Perception of Time

At Interactive, we believe that our customers’ perception of time has drastically changed in the last five years. The changing definition of time is having an enormous impact on the delivery of the customer experience. Forbes magazine recently wrote: “A customers’ definition of what is fast and what is not has grown more extreme on a daily basis.” We have entered a time when we can save seconds exiting an Uber ride without taking the time to swipe a credit card. So we must ask ourselves, “How does that customer experience reset the expectations of the customer experience for all of us?”

At Interactive, we’re witnessing our customers experience an incredible pace of change. And as I observed the sessions in this conference, as civic leaders, you’re seeing your customers, or constituents, communicate and connect at an unprecedented pace and in new and different ways. Technology is changing behavior, and like you, we want tools that work; tools that simplify our processes; tools that are intuitive; tools that require minimal implementation and training. We are committed to transforming the constituent experience; delivering a technology that meets the changing needs of society’s new normal.

Thank you to all of the mayors who visited us in Indianapolis! Thank you for your leadership and deep commitment to making our country safe and secure, and for providing a sustainable path for generations to come.

To learn more about how PureCloud can help government entities join the conversation with its constituents, join our webinar on July 13.

1 The Interactive Intelligence PureCloud platform is the first cloud platform using microservice architecture built for multi-use cases: customer engagement, communications and collaboration (C3).



Todd Pedersen

Todd Pedersen

Todd Pedersen is the vice president of corporate affairs at Interactive Intelligence. He currently manages relationships with the corporate community, as well as local, state and federal governments to create competitive opportunities for Interactive Intelligence.