5 Lessons I Learned from My Journey to the Cloud

Young man with blue clound on the street

I’m in the cloud, lots of them!

Each day I communicate with colleagues around the world via chat and video throughout my workday on PureCloud by Genesys.

We share files, our desktops and ideas via this tool as naturally as sitting next to one another. When I am not working, I pop onto other clouds to check various social media sources for the latest from my friends, news and technology trends. My professional roles have taken me around the world several times, so yeah I even touch those clouds too. Like just about everyone else today, I’m practically plugged into the cloud!

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Zachary Hinkle

Zachary Hinkle

Zach Hinkle is a Solutions Program Manager in the Product Management organization in PureCloud. He is a 10-year veteran with Genesys Interactive Intelligence with roles in the Support organization, Strategic Initiatives Group, and most recently in the Solutions group for PureConnect (CaaS).