5 Steps to Transition Away From Your Legacy Contact Center

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Nothing lasts forever. It’s a familiar saying and a simple concept in theory. Yet, in practice, it can be a difficult and costly lesson to learn. It’s only human nature to be comfortable with the status quo and resistant to change – even when making a change is the best decision.

Many businesses are struggling with legacy contact center infrastructure that doesn’t support today’s customer expectations of seamless, personalized omnichannel service. They battle daily with the limitations of an outdated system and waste valuable IT resources managing time-consuming, difficult upgrades and never-ending migrations. Meanwhile, as the old, familiar system gets pushed beyond its limits, stability falters, and service is compromised. As new communication channels are added, the situation becomes more precarious. If this isn’t reason enough to consider a new contact center solution, many have the added uncertainty that their vendor for contact center solutions is facing an unclear financial future. With customer expectations continuing to rise and evolve, the importance of having future-proof investments from a vendor continuing to invest in innovation is not just a good idea. It’s essential to your long-term success.

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Guillaume Calot

Guillaume Calot

With about 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications and IT software business, Guillaume has a complete mix of solution experience having served in Research, Project and Product management, Presales, Marketing and Business Development roles. Guillaume started with Genesys in 2006 as SIP Solutions architect and currently serves as EMEA Strategic Business Director in charge of Virtual Customer Service. Guillaume has a passion for running and sailing, enjoys public speaking and traveling the world.