5 Ways to Stop Losing Customers to Long Hold Times


There are few things that customers dislike more than having to wait on hold for service. Besides being subjected to the irritating music and repetitive messages, it’s wasted time that is never regained. How much time? One study found that U.S. consumers spend on average 13 hours each year on hold. This explains why, in a 2015 Accenture survey of over 12,000 consumers, long hold times was ranked one of the two biggest customer service gripes.

With the customer experience more important than ever, underestimating the impact of hold times can be a very costly mistake. In that same Accenture survey, more than half of the consumers reported taking their business elsewhere because of poor customer service. With the cost of customer acquisition continuing to climb, can any business afford to risk losing customers because of the correctable problem of long hold times?

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Lisa Abbott

Lisa Abbott

Lisa is the Senior Director of Product and Solution Marketing for Genesys.