5 Ways We’re Reimagining Productivity in the Contact Centre


Customers have an abundance of ways to contact companies in this day and age – and it’s only going to get busier for contact centres.

That’s why we’re pioneering technology to make life easier and ultimately more productive for you and your staff.

Here’s how we’re reimagining the future of contact centre productivity:

  1. Accessible data all in one place
    Agents are no longer required to fill in time-consuming spreadsheets at the end of the day to inform managers of their activity. All call data for all staff is stored in our cloud platform to make it easier for you to access, analyse and act upon to improve the productivity of your workforce.
  2. In-call collaboration to work with colleagues to find answers
    With PureCloud Collaborate, your agents can work together to find the best solution to a customer’s problem. If one can’t provide the answer, they can quickly connect with a colleague who can. Productive staff equals happier customers.
  3. Advanced IVR features that free up agents’ time
    Our solution allows you to map out the most common journeys that customers take with your business so that you can clearly see where you can provide answers quicker. If customers can spend less time on the phone without speaking to a person to get the answers they need, your agents can spend more time attending to the customers who require more hands-on assistance.
  4. Microservice architecture minimises dependence on a single system
    We operate with the acclaimed Amazon Web Services (AWS), making our solution robust across the board thanks to its microservice architecture. This means that each function runs on an individual basis, so if one goes down, the rest don’t suffer and your dedication to customer experience doesn’t suffer either.
  5. Superfast deployment means minimal changeover time
    The productivity of your workforce will not be affected by a changeover to new software due to our lightning-fast deployment. We’ve transformed some contact centres within three days of the first phone call, so you needn’t worry about disrupting the working practices of your agents.

Does it work?

Our solution is used by some of the most successful, customer-focussed companies in the world. Find out more from our customer, Quicken.

See a live demo of our PureCloud platform

You can see a live demo of our solution at Customer Contact Expo 2016 at Olympia London Sept. 28-29.

Randi Roger

Randi Roger

Randi Roger is both the global manager of marketing programs and operations as well as acting U.K. marketing manager of operations for Interactive Intelligence. No matter which hat she is wearing, all her time and energy are spent planning and implementing marketing projects that support the global marketing efforts. Prior to working for Interactive Intelligence, Randi successfully managed a cloud-based hands-on set of virtual labs teaching higher education students how to harden a network against cyber attacks.