7 Ways to Keep Your Contact Center Employees Engaged


Today’s consumers are using an increasing number of channels and touchpoints to interact with your company when they try to gather information or resolve a problem. Meeting their expectations for a consistent, seamless experience while running your business more efficiently in the omnichannel era is no small feat—it places even greater importance on your employee engagement. How can you keep your employees engaged to yield better results for your customers and your business?

Countless studies prove the direct correlation between an engaged workforce and positive business results. The study Trends in Global Employee Engagement, from research firm Aon, states that “a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth the subsequent year.” Investing in your employee’s happiness makes good business sense and drives tangible results.

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Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Genesys Employee Engagement Solution Category. Stefan joined Genesys in 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.