A Great Day for IPA

You ever have one of those days when you truly realize the power of a good team?  When you pack up the PC to go home and truly feel good about what a team of folks was able to accomplish out of their sheer willingness to accept a challenge and run with it?  I was lucky enough to have just this experience yesterday.  You see, yesterday afternoon the SE team finally got to present to myself, development and PSO the results of their work on our new IPA product based on customer experiences and real world scenarios.  To say the results were impressive would be an understatement.


Sample Admission Workflow Step leveraging ASP .NET and DB Integration

As a little background many of you are familiar with the concepts of CBPA either thru our marketing efforts or your direct interaction with our teams.  Interaction Process Automation (IPA) is the product we have developed to consolidate business processes into the same rules and automation engine as the rest of a customer’s communications including voice, chat, email etc.   As we ramp up to roll this out to our clients the SE team was tasked with working with customers to find real world business cases to model IPA workflows to better help them understand the power of the application.  The team developed scenarios ranging from cell phone activations to SMS driven emergency repair applications to admissions workflows for hospitals/universities and even a mortgage application which demonstrated the power of web integration by giving us the full rundown on Sarah Palin’s house as well as a good street level demonstration that you in fact cannot see Russia from the porch (thanks Ryan).  Each of these flows leveraged not only the teams experience with these customer types but also harnessed the skill sets and tenure of the SE team here at interactive to really bring out the power of IPA and CIC as a combined applications engine. 


Sample Email Generated thru IPA Workflow Engine

As I sat watching one team after another set the bar higher and higher I really began to appreciate how much effort these folks had put into this endeavor but also the real passion they brought to show how well these applications could provide real hard dollar ROI’s to our customers and help solve their business needs.  As we discussed the workflows one of the most exciting components of the presentations were the stories surrounding how they came up with the process to solve either thru direct customer interaction or thru friends and family who expressed the day to day pain they live with in their current work environment.  Along with these stories came the sheer number of existing Interactive Customers who have asked to see these specific IPA applications to plug them into their businesses.  It was a real great day to say the least.

In closing I just want to give my thanks to the entire Presales Systems Engineering team for all their efforts getting this together and I look forward to working together with you, our customers, to help solve your business needs as well.  I couldn’t be more proud of a group of engineers if I tried.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s everyone. 

-Tom Fisher