AWS re:invent is coming soon…


And folks from PureCloud Engage will be there, which is just one of the reasons we’re excited about AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Nov. 28 to Dec. 2.

Weirdly, in Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud-years, PureCloud Engage is about 90 already.

When we started work on PureCloud Engage way back in 2012, we built everything to be cloud-agnostic so we could have choices. That meant we developed a lot of our own infrastructure for auto-scaling and other boring but vital support tools. So we spent a lot of time building and evaluating things that weren’t core to the rich customer engagement cloud solution we knew you wanted.  

But then Amazon just kept on churning out tools and adding more services that were awesome; and pretty soon what they were offering started to look better than what we could build. That’s why we eventually saw the light to became one of the first customer engagement cloud solution companies wholly on board the AWS Cloud express!

Now we focus on what we know best, which is building the unique and excellent stuff in PureCloud Engage, while leaving the basic heavy-lifting and toting to Amazon.

If you are attending AWS re-Invent, schedule a demo or stop by booth #2638 so we can show you what the next generation of cloud-based customer engagement can do for your company.

Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

An industrial designer gone bad from years of UX architecture wrangling, Randy Carter is senior marketing content architect for Interactive Intelligence. He never stops thinking about how to help customers make their systems more understandable, more polite, and more useful.