Benefits to Power-Over-Ethernet

There 3 main types of endpoints driving the adoption of PoE:

  • VoIP Phones
  • Wireless Access Points
  • IP Security and Surveillance Cameras

The Benefits of PoE for these types of endpoints include:

  • Reduced Deployment Costs
  • Reliability
  • Power Management and Monitoring Control

Remember when the power would go out at home but your analog phone would still work?  Power was drawn from the phone line to provide dial tone to your phone.  Then you moved to a cordless phone with an AC Adapter to charge the phone and you lost that reliability.  PoE allows your IP Phone to continue to function in a power outage without setting up costly UPSs at every desk.  Power provided by a PoE switch can be centrally backed up much more efficiently than at each desk.  PoE switches can also monitor and manage the power consumption to allow an organization to be more “green” with their power usage.  Devices not in use can be remotely shut down to conserve power.

According to a research study by Venture Development Corporation, an estimated 25 percent of all new Ethernet ports will be PoE-enabled by 2010.  By 2012 it is estimated that the numbers will grow to 30%.1 

Are you using PoE to power your IP Phones today?

Happy Holidays!

  -Peter Nees

1 Brian Greenberg, Venture Development Corporation. Power Over Ethernet: Global Market Opportunity Analysis, Third Edition . February 2008.