Business Process Automation from a Communications Company?

These days when I speak to analysts, editors, prospects, and customers about the value of automating core processes inside businesses, I frequently get asked the question, “Why would I look to a communications company to deliver a business process automation solution?” A valid question, with what I believe are compelling answers.

First, the most common processes in business are people-oriented – new employee onboarding, loan applications, lead management – at the core they all involve people engaged in reviews and decisions. As a connection, communications is all about people interacting. A nice link between the two.

Second, communication technology was initially designed to receive, rout, and report on multistep events such as an incoming call to a contact center. That same logic can be applied to steps in a process flow that need to be captured, prioritized, routed, escalated, and tracked.

Third, the technology is in place and proven. Skills-based routing, queuing, presence, reporting, monitoring, recording – all tried and true in the communications industry for decades, can be applied to the various steps of a business process.

Fourth, communications companies are accustomed to integrating with other systems – back end databases, third-party IVR systems, etc. That integration expertise translates well to the needs of process automation integration.

Fifth, having the process automation and the communication functions reside on one unified platform means there is a direct connection between all the events inside a business. As an example, a phone call placed and recorded as a part of the processing of an insurance claim are part of a single, common process record. No silos between the process steps and the associated communications.

Makes sense to me. What do you think?

Joe Staples — long live the comm blog