Hear Me Out – a Vlog (video blog)

Even though I work primarily on the Pre-Sales side designing and architecting customer solutions, it is not uncommon for me to help with Post-Sales support.  I will usually become involved at that juncture when a customer voices concerns about poor audio quality, and I need to troubleshoot.  However, there is frequently a communication barrier when the end user generically summarizes the symptomotology as “crappy audio” or a similar unscientific description of the actual problem.  A medical doctor has to run multiple diagnostic tests when a patient has a broad or ambiguous set of symptoms in order to narrow down [...]

Solution Storming Sessions

Detailed Discovery Sessions have typically been conducted prior to implementation of a customer solution after contracts have been signed for a certain product or solution.  These sessions allow the services representatives of a vendor to configure and tailor a contact center solution to a customer’s specific environment.  The typical sales-to-implementation process would normally include the following and usually in this order:

1.)    Prospects determine internally the requirements of a solution2.)    They put out a request for proposal (RFP)3.)    Various vendors respond to the RFP4.)    Prospects short-list the vendors and ask them to present their solution5.)    Sometimes [...]

“Yes, you sure can” – The power of consolidated communications

I frequently receive calls from managers and engineers of my customers wherein they discuss important project initiatives that would assist their contact centers to more efficiently serve their own customers.  These conversations usually start with them telling me about the importance of our ACD integration to a 3rd party system which provides efficiency, new features or applications and allows for “C” level visibility within their organizations.  The “C level visibility” words are frequently used when identifying new and important projects.  I am usually given information about the urgency of these integration projects and the specific timeline (or deadline) [...]

What is Driving Communications Toward the Cloud?

"More and more communications are moving to the cloud!" Is that a headline you’d believe, or would you place it in the over-used hype bucket?

Without fancy statistics to cite, I think it’s fair to say that if you asked any analyst, consultant, or vendor that lives inside the communications sector, you’d get agreement that some portion of communication purchases are moving to a hosted/service/cloud model — and that this trend will continue for the next several years. In talking to customers, here are what we’ve found to be the seven primary drivers contributing to the shift toward cloud-based communications: 

Strategically, other IT applications [...]

Voicemail, the next generation thinks it’s ‘totally big’…

I was recently tasked with presenting our current voicemail strategy, market numbers, products, etc, to an analyst firm compiling a report on the voicemail market. Why me?  Because I have a good knowledge of our messaging products and little authority to pawn the task off on someone else. Why now? Isn’t voicemail being made obsolete with email, chat, SMS, Tweets, etc, etc.  

It seems certain technologies/functions/processes become part of the fabric of the way business and even social life is conducted. And like industries that go through cycles, those technologies can also ebb and flow in their importance.

Case [...]

Dropping the FoIP bomb on VoIP

It is often treated as the four letter F word in VoIP deployments. It is, some say, the weakest link in the switch from a traditional TDM system to a VoIP/SIP deployment. Did you guess it yet or should I write it down and “fax” it over to you?


FoIP, stands for Fax over IP, is still a pain point for almost all VoIP deployments. As businesses move to IP based communication platforms, they are venturing into a new era with enhanced features for a lower cost and heightened productivity. But as they reach out to [...]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 3

Wrapping up my commentary on the Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Interactions ’09. As usual, we saved the best for last. As one customer told me just before we began the closing keynote, "this is where I take pages of notes." The info worth all the attention? Dr. Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence CEO, presenting a forward-looking session on where we’re headed.

There are few confidential items that I’ve omitted, but the bulk of it is here.

Don’s presentation and what customers can look forward to:

Making the customer experience easier by continuing to minimize the need for customization. [...]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2 1/2

Okay the title says "Day 2 1/2," but this is really about the night of day two. At the awards dinner, held at Lucas Oil stadium, several awards were presented to Interactive Intelligence customers for the cool things they’ve accomplished with communications in the enterprise and the contact center. The grand daddy of the awards is the Innovators award. This year’s winner, presented by Interactive Intelligence CEO Dr. Don Brown, is a Canadian company by the name of Stellar Relay. And a "stellar" performance is exactly what they’ve accomplished.

Don Brown (left) awards the team from Stellar Relaywith this year’s Innovators [...]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2

Just now wrapping up day two at Interactions ’09. Today was exclusively comprised of break out sessions — lots of info.

I thought one of the most interesting sessions was one titled "Migrating from a multi-point legacy environment." The thing I find most interesting about this session (presented by Tim Passios, a very talented presenter) is that over the last 2-3 years, I think people are starting to get it. They get the value and benefits of running ALL their communications on a single platform. What they don’t get is how to get from their current multi-point world to [...]

Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 1

We’ve worked very hard at keeping this blog a non-promotional forum for useful information and dialog. I’m really going to try and stay within those guidelines, but recognize that this post is about the Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum. So…it’s kind of difficult not to talk about the company and its products. That said, I really think the information is useful for current and prospective Interactive customers — hence, the reason for the post.

Today was day one of the 2 1/2 day event. Held in beautiful Indianapolis (home of the Colts and the 14th largest city in the U.S.). [...]