A Closer Look at Interaction Dialer 4.0

You may have read recently about the release of our latest version of our Interaction Dialer® product.  Interaction Dialer® 4.0 offers a wide variety of features, and enhances many of the items from our previous release.  I am particularly excited about it, as I was heavily involved with our internal testing and spent most of this year working directly with this product.  I’d like to use this blog post to add some additional context to the key highlights of this version.

#1 – The Removal of Workflows

One of the biggest changes in the 4.0 release is the elimination of […]

Starting an IPA Process from a Handler

This week I’m Down Under in Melbourne, Australia, teaching an IPA Design and Implementation course.  Since I have servers at my disposal and a little time during labs, I decided to experiment a little with initiating a Process from a handler in conjunction with an inbound ACD call, so that a Work Item alerts on the agent’s queue just after he/she picks up the call.  The results are not perfect, but do show great promise and usefulness – I know other folks are creating fairly complicated solutions along the same lines.

I chose to place my functionality into the CustomACDPostAlert […]

Multiple Page Work Items in IPA 3.0 SU12

With the release of IC 3.0 SU12 we now have a feature which many Interaction Process Automation (IPA) sites have been requesting for quite a while – the ability to add multiple pages to a Work Item.

The procedure for creating a new Work Item has not changed a lot, with the main addition to the dialog being a Name field for the particular page.  The main functionality change, in my mind, is the ability to specify actions which will run when the Work Item starts, when it transitions between pages, and when a page completes with a button press.  […]

User Conference Lab Setup

Well, I am on the road today, headed off to New Zealand to teach an IPA Design and Implementation class.  I just looked at the schedule, and realized that I have a blog article due…

This one won’t have a lot of fancy graphics, since I don’t have access to any servers from LAX Airport.  Instead, I would like to share a little bit of our (particularly my) experience creating the lab environment for Interactions 2011 a couple of weeks ago in Indianapolis.

First, the obligatory disclaimer – some of the things we do in a lab or training environment […]

Wax On, Wax Off: Best Practices for Planned Changes


Welcome to my first Tech Lounge blog post.  My name is Drew Bisson and I am the Support Critical Situation Manager.  I see many issues and outages, a good portion of which are due to planned changes where people skimped on the planning.  So without further ado I give you…

Wax On, Wax Off: Best Practices for Planned Changes

In the 1984 film, The Karate Kid, the main character Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio) wants to learn Karate and his teacher, Mr. Miyagi, starts his training by having him perform arduous chores like waxing his cars, sanding a wooden floor, and […]