How-To: Targeted Routing with Custom ACD

I was teaching a Customer Interaction Center handler developer class recently when one of my students gave me a scenario that had been causing them some head-scratching. The call center in question is not a typical one. In this case, when people call in they are prompted for an identifier (customer/case number). The requirement was that the system should look up the number in a database, retrieve the identity of the agent that “owns” the particular customer and route the call appropriately.

So far so good. If the agent concerned is not available, then the call should be directed to another […]

Workgroup Mania! When is Enough, Enough?

Some customers coming through my training classes struggle with finding the “right” number of workgroups for their organization. With our Customer Interaction Center, workgroups are the primary organizational component. Interactions are typically routed to workgroups. When you are looking for a co-worker’s phone number, you see it sorted by the workgroup they are in.

Is your company going “workgroup crazy” and creating more than needed? Maybe even creating more groups than can be easily maintained?

Here are some questions to ask when determining if a workgroup is really needed or not.

Do you need to route interactions to a specific […]

Strong Passwords Aren’t Really More Secure

In my previous post about password security, I looked at the setting commonly found on password-protected systems, namely the number of incorrect login attempts. In this post, I will look at password complexity.

Most of us, at some point, have had an intended password rejected by the system for not meeting password complexity requirements. But, are so called “strong” passwords really more secure?

Security is, at the end of the day, a function of time. How long would it take to perform a brute-force (keep guessing until you get it right) attack. The more passwords we have to go through, the […]

It’s Impossible to Make Anything Foolproof, Because Fools are so Ingenious

Security is a key component of many modern computer systems and our Customer Interaction Center (CIC) solution is no exception. Sadly, too often we in the IT world don’t really understand the entire security issue, and as a result, produce a system that is easily compromised. There are two components to consider for good security – the technology and the people. If we don’t consider the latter and make their lives easier, they will take steps to work around the technical measures we put in place.

In this post, I want to focus on a single security setting, the number […]

How Do You Know If an Agent is Taking Too Much Time?

This question came up in class the other day, so I decided to look into it and document a solution. The student posed the following dilemma – you are a call center supervisor, and you want to know when anyone in your work group spends more than five minutes on an interaction. They wanted to know whether an alert could be set up for that condition within Customer Interaction Center.

The answer I came up with is to set up an alert in Interaction Center Business Manager monitoring the agent’s on phone status and pop a desktop alert to the […]

9 Best Practices for Utilities Deploying Mobile Apps

How important is mobility to your utility customers? Today, customers expect convenience, customization and self-service – wherever and whenever! Expectations have been set by other industries that this ease of access translates to mobile access. This will continue to be a market force in the utility industry that will challenge those without apps to deploy them – and those with apps to keep improving them.

As an IT Manager at a utility, your objectives are many. In addition to improving the customer experience, you are also being tasked with building and maintaining theses mobile apps in a way that allows […]

BYOD – Love it or Hate it. It’s here to stay.

Three years ago I wrote a blog titled Why you will never take away my desktop phone, which mentioned a report by Gartner that said desktop phones will be replaced by mobile phones by 2011. Back then, it looked like RIM and Apple were going to dominate the mobile market and Google was nowhere to be seen.

Well, here we are at the end of 2012 and the majority of organizations are still using desktop phones. Surprising? Not at all. But in looking back over the past three years, there has been a lot of change in the way we […]

Regular Expressions Tip for Interaction Gateway or SIP Proxy

When setting up a route for Interaction Gateway or Interaction SIP Proxy you use Perl regular expressions to define the route patterns.

My classroom environment in Indianapolis has over 100 IC servers, each with its own range of phone numbers.  My 4.0 servers, for example, each have 20,000 different phone numbers assigned.  I really don’t want to have to create one route for each phone number on each server!

Let’s take a single server as an example.  ICServer01a needs to receive calls to 1317201xxxx, 317201xxxx, 201xxxx, 1702201xxxx, and 702201xxxx where xxxx is the range 0000-9999.  If I were to set […]

A Time to Reflect

We have finally reached the end of another year and as usual, for me, it’s a time to reflect on how the year went and look forward to the New Year. 2011 saw us release a number of service updates:

3 Service Updates for CIC 3.0 1 Service Update for Dialer 2.4 2 Service Updates for Interaction Gateway 2 Service Updates for Dialer 3.0 2 Service Updates for SIP Proxy

We also saw the release of CIC 4.0 which was a fairly major undertaking. On all fronts, 4.0 showcases our ability to innovate and 2012 is the year where most […]

Using the Get DS Parameter Tool Step

The Get DS Parameter tool step can be very useful in situations where you want to set the value of a variable within a handler by setting the value of a Server Parameter in Interaction Administrator. This allows you to change the behavior of a handler without having to open the handler, modify the variable definition, save the handler, and publish it again.

You could use the Get DS Attr tool step instead, but the Get DS Parameter tool step offers a couple of advantages which make it a more attractive option.

An example use might be to […]