The Distributed Cloud Spawns a Unique Period of Innovation

Now that we’ve launched Interactive Intelligence PureCloudSM, I can finally talk about an area of innovation I’ve been excited about for the past year.

Like many, I used to think of innovation as a single discovery made at a specific point in time. A video by Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From, changed my thinking. He explains that important breakthroughs usually take time. That ideas have to incubate, smaller hunches need to collide, and missing pieces must be discovered before major breakthroughs and big change can happen.

When interviewing a few of the PureCloud developers a while back, it […]

Why I’ll Never Buy Another Piece of Business Software Again.

“Why I’ll never buy another piece of business software again.” Those are pretty bold words coming from any seasoned, time-tested, I-grew-up-in-a-server-room CIO or line of business owner. However, I’d propose that with the benefits and maturity of the cloud improving with every tick of my virtual atomic clock, that those are words we’ll be hearing more and more.

The cloud just makes so much sense for so many reasons:

Important business applications have all moved to the cloud and some of the best new ones are only available in the cloud. Flexibility is a “trade-up” for reduced control. Come on […]

Multichannel Queuing – What’s Old Is New Again

My first install of an all-in-one contact center solution was back in 1996. One of the main driving forces for the customer to install the solution was the ability to queue multiple types of media into their contact center.  Phone calls were obviously dominant, but email and web chats were beginning to carve out their space too. It’s been over 16 years since that time, so obviously every contact center is fully multichannel enabled by now. Not even close.

While the systems have been in place in many contact centers for the past several years, most are still just starting […]

Improving the Policyholder Experience: Don’t Ignore the ‘Little Data’

Last week I spent some time at an event on ‘big data’ in the insurance industry. The one-day seminar featured speakers from Gartner, IBM, and panelists from insurance technology providers and carriers. Throughout the sessions, interesting and innovative ideas were presented around the concept of making the most of the data and the business intelligence we have. With that said, I saw three main themes:

How to use this data for predictive insight How to assess risk and fraudulent activity How to remain competitive and profitable

What I found interesting was that of all these concepts, very few presenters spoke […]

The Disappearing Desktop

The mainframe computer debuted in the 1960s.  These machines were very simple in nature, but took up an entire room and required a tremendous amount of power.  I’m sure the engineers behind them never would have imagined that the same technology would become a commodity and also end up in the palm of a person’s hand. The smartphone, and certainly now the tablet, have changed the way business is done. Subsequently, now that Internet availability is so common, it’s hard to imagine that the desktop would potentially be rendered unnecessary.

As a network admin, infrastructure planning and scalability preparation is […]

How Innovation Enables Us To Move Forward

Welcome to my first post in The Tech Lounge! My name is Travis Gillison, and I have been employed as a member of the Product Integration Team within Testing since November of 2007. During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to see how our product is used in the field, and subsequently, how it has changed.  This has enabled me to glean a thorough understanding of what we do here at Interactive Intelligence.  I get the “bird’s eye view” of our software.

You may not know this, but most of the new features and changes made within our Service […]

The Social Media Customer Service Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to help you determine whether you should or should not make social media the next big channel of support in your customer service strategy.

Is your business a BtoB or BtoC? If you are a business to consumer company, then the odds are much higher that you will need to support social media. Statistics show that consumers are the dominant user of social media over employees in a business. And the top two reasons are very straightforward – productivity and security. IT departments have been instructed to lock employees out of social networking […]