Contact Center Trends for 2013

A new year always brings with it an opportunity to reset, reevaluate, reassess, or any other “re” word that might fit here. For contact centers this reexamination (I knew I could come up with another one) is no different. At the beginning of each of the last three years, I’ve teamed up with Art Schoeller from Forrester Research (BTW, Art is a really smart guy) to look at the hot trends in the contact center space and what those trends might mean for businesses who have deployed contact centers as a way to interact with their customers. The on-demand version of our findings can be found here.  

At press time, we’re now one quarter of the way through the year and many of the things we discussed are really lighting up. Take a look at some of the infographic details – the big move of communications to the cloud (how many industries are growing at that rate?!?); the importance of the customer journey and the overall experience quality companies are delivering; the use of mobile customer service and the waging war over who owns that technology deployment (the stat below shows that the IT guys are winning); and social media as the newest media type.


The contact center industry is a great place to be – as a vendor, or as user. Never before have there been so many great tools that can be used to deliver an amazing customer experience every time. So strap on your space helmet, the remainder of 2013 should be a lot of fun!

Joe Staples
chief marketing officer and cloud, mobile, social junkie