Creating Loyalty through Seamless Customer Experiences

Looking at your service experience from the customer’s point of view lets you balance your contact channels, improving navigation from SMS to Web to speaking with a live agent via chat or phone. What happens when you don’t create a good omnichannel experience for customers? Let me share a recent experience I had to paint a clear picture.

I recently tried to make a purchase online, and while I found what I wanted, I wasn’t sure if it would really work for me. Their site offered web chat, so I initiated a chat session to get some additional information. The five minute chat interaction resulted in my decision to purchase the product. However, once the chat disconnected and I tried to complete the purchase, I was blocked from doing so as an additional product needed to be added prior to check out. Frustrated, I called customer service.

The voice-activated auto attendant sent me to the wrong workgroup, and when I reached an agent, I had to provide my information all over again, and explain why I was calling. Pleading with the agent on the phone that I just wanted to complete the transaction I started online, I was then transferred to another automated attendant that wasn’t able to help me. Unable to return to customer service, I hung up and called customer service back – again. I had to verify my account information and reiterate my issue for a second time to the agent who answered the call, only to be transferred to someone who walked me through the steps to buy my items. Once the transaction was complete, the call ended and I promptly received multiple text messages asking to complete a survey about my experience.

I used all of the channels that were available to me to make just one purchase. If the channels had been integrated properly, I would have completed the interaction in three minutes. This could have been measured as a first contact resolution. However, since I needed to call in twice within three minutes, it wasn’t first call resolution – it was second call, and third contact resolution.

Understanding the preferred channel of interacting allows you to create connections, with contextual information, empowering agents to become emotionally engaged and vested in the customers they serve. Then you can measure the connections by “first contact resolution” versus “first call resolution.”

A customer who receives resolution within the first contact is going to be happy and willing to speak about the company in a very positive light. When you make interactions seamless and balance interactions across all available channels, you not only increase loyalty, you reduce customer effort.

Give customers that little something “extra” that makes them feel as if they are your most important customer.

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Lea Durbin

Lea Durbin

I joined Interactive Intelligence in December 2011. In my current role of customer experience program specialist, I oversee and manage the Interactive Intelligence quality program, customer loss assessment program, as well as the global ambassador program. Prior to joining Interactive Intelligence, I held a variety of roles in industries such as higher education, pharmaceutical, and healthcare. I gained experience in process improvement, developing and implementing corporate standards and best practices in cross functional global environments, leading internal global teams in branding and marketing efforts, as well as administration. I hold a dual associates degree in business administration and visual communications from American Intercontinental University. I am an active member in the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Customer Reference Professionals Organization (CRP), International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), and the National Notary Association. I am heavily involved with the Interactive Intelligence Foundation as the committee chair for Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. I also serve on the development board and speakers bureau for Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, which resulted in Congressional recognition in 2013. I am passionate about bringing the personal connection to the customer experience and am continuously looking for ways to enhance, improve and strengthen our relationships with our customers.