Customer Skill-Based Routing

The product or service your company provides may not change at all from one customer to the next, but the way in which you provide it could change greatly, because of the customer.  How well do you know your customers, and how are you using that knowledge to better serve them?

I was an IT guy, here at Interactive Intelligence, for 8 years. My role was providing desktop support for our diverse user base –my internal customers. On one end of the spectrum, we have software developers writing code for an all-in-one communications platform and on the other end, we have users whose jobs require minimal computer use.  Both types of users will eventually need the same type of IT service, but they’ll require it in very different ways.

Let’s use the example ofa RAM upgrade. Sooner or later, any computer is going to needone, regardless of the user. The performing of said upgrade, though, willbe varied because of the user.

An advanced user might prefer to simply have the sticks of RAM dropped-off at their desk and do the upgrade on their own.  By contrast, a less experienced user would almost certainly require more hands-on service.

I would love to see a company begin tracking the skills of their customers in the same way they track the skills of their service reps. Think about it… I call for service the first time, and over the course of my conversation with the agent, I’m designated asa “skilled” user (say, a 7 out of 10).That skill level is written to my CRM record.  The next time I call in, the CRM system identifies me in the IVR, or by my caller ID,notes my skill level, and immediately routes me to a queue of reps whoare ready to handle more skilled customers. Imagine the savings in time and money by creating such an “expedited”group.

There have to be other ways in which knowledge of customers can be used to provide better service.  What are you doing, or what would you like to see someone do?  I promise nothing bad will happen to you if you leave a comment below!

Serve your customers well!

Murph Krajewski

Murph Krajewski

Murph Krajewski

I joined the Interactive Intelligence family in 2000 as an IT guy. Since then I’ve spent years demonstrating and showcasing our software and services to the masses both in person and via video through my current role as Video Production Manager. I’m most passionate about helping companies improve their customers’ experiences, and love thinking up new ways to make that happen. I’m a true jack-of-all-trades, and I will likely never stop trying to figure out a way to move to London, England.