Do You Have a Customer Experience Strategy? Part Two

In my last blog I talked about defining, documenting and communicating your customer experience strategy. This time I’m going to give you my top ten questions that I believe you must answer as you focus on creating a better customer experience.

As you work to develop a well-structured plan for designing your customer experience, spending time defining, documenting and communicating your current customer experience is step one. Step two is answering these ten questions listed below. These questions represent my years of experience helping clients design and implement solid customer experience strategies.

Use the answers from this checklist to help guide your own strategy development. The questions you answer “no” to should immediately be put on your to-do list!

  1. Has your customer experience strategy been defined, documented, and communicated across the organization? (Yes, I’m seeing if you did your homework!)
  2. Does IT management actively collaborate with the contact center management in developing the IT Strategy?
  3. Does senior management do side-by-side call observations with contact center agents monthly or quarterly at a minimum?
  4. Does the contact center share recorded calls with other departments? (The voice of the customer is very powerful.)
  5. Have you fostered a planning vs. a reactive culture that includes an accurately forecasted staffing plan of the workload and headcount requirements for the at least the next 12 months?
  6. Do you hire to your staffing plan in “advance of the need” to ensure agents are ramped up and trained in time to meet the demand?
  7. Do you have a formal structured training program that passes the sniff test for adult learning?
  8. Is your agent desktop efficient? (You’d be surprised at what I’ve seen!)
  9. Do you have a robust quality program with defined guidelines, effective scoring methodology, calibration, monitoring frequency, supported by skilled coaches?
  10. Does senior management conduct quarterly focus group session with contact center agents? (This is a goldmine of customer and business intelligence – tap into it!)

Here’s a link to the Customer Experience Checklist in a format that you can print and mark up to help you as you develop your strategy. Do you have anything you’d like to add to this checklist? I’d love to hear from you.


Marilyn Saulnier

Marilyn Saulnier

I am a principal consultant at Interactive Intelligence with over 25 years of contact center management and consulting experience. I manage a global team of contact center consultants that work with organizations to define the center’s strategy, improve the center’s efficiency and quality of the customer experience, redesign processes, and implement and manage change. I'm also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has led many training seminars in the US and abroad. I've also published articles in the Contact Center Pipeline, Middle-East Customer Management Insight, and Call Center Management Review.